Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny


(10pm Thursday) Mr. Holland: “I wonder who has the Q at Twin Team…”

Y’all know what that means at this point. At the first sight of YHC with cones and flower pots, Gumbo could hardly contain his enthusiasm. A PAX five strong moseyed on over to Twin Team Hill for the Sisyphus.

COP: SSH, DQ, Russian Soldiers, hand-release merkins, Freddie Mercury

Sisyphus goes about like this: mosey to the top, dropping five markers along the way. Run down to each marker, perform the exercise, and return to the summit.

  • bear crawl back to summit
  • 25 decline merkins
  • 30 uphill WWIIs
  • 5-man triple check (2x only). Two pairs plus one solo on each station: mountain climbers, alternate 10 merkins and holding plank for 10 count, run to previous cone and back.
  • 20 burpees


If the effectiveness of a beatdown is measured by the grumbling and cursing of the PAX, this is a good one. Glad to have the PAX there to push me along – no way I’d put myself through this nonsense alone!

The cones and flower pots have been placed in a Witness Protection program after receiving multiple credible threats to their well-being.



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    Mr. Holland – way to provide incentive to either (a) sign up to Q Twin Team or (b) fartsack. It was nice to share the pain with some extra folks today. This one is a killer. That last time up the hill after 20 burpees is like a death march.

  2. Yes the cone hill (hill of cones?) is a killer. Well done Mr. H, my legs are tired. I’m going to have to do some more hills on my own to be a little stronger on this one next time – yes I’m saying you should bring it back sometime

  3. Didn’t realize Mr. Holland had the Q or that he now has a calling card at Twin Team. It was tough but I’d do it again over some other ventures to Twin Team (also never to be spoken of again).

  4. Thanks for the intro to the Sisyphus, Mr. Holland! Twenty burpees followed by a trek up Twin Team had me good and smoked.

    Any beatdown that should never be spoken of again will almost always show itself again.

  5. Y’all just wait until Sisyphus makes his ugly way over to W-Dog…we didn’t bear crawl down the amphitheater that morning for nothing!