Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Tater/Bills Play Tonight/5 person Triple Check


5 Beasts arrived at Timberwolf  this morning to sweat in the SOJ humidity!

A quick discussion on the Hot Potato and we were off.

Duke Takes First Q


SSH x 20

DQ x 10

Helicopters x 10

Arm Circles x 15 , Reverso

LBCs x 20

Mosey to side of Lot

11s – Merkins and Monkey Humpers

Pass Q to Wilson

Bus Lot Parking Tracers

Circle up for Mary

One Leg on other leg lifts

Homer to Marge

V- Up Hold

Partner up – New Dead cockroach reach up – hit partners hand with alternating arms

Pass Q to Roper

Mosey to Basketball Courts

4 Corners -20 Flutter Kicks, 20 one legged APDs, 30 regular APD, 40 LBCs

Mosey to  Football field

5 man triple check – not sure what happened but, Running, Mountain Climbers, Squats and Merkins

Hop on the track – Indian Run around track to tennis courts

Suicides on tennis courts and and baseline 10 SSHs everytime

Mosey to flag

Numberama, Namearama, Mr. Roper took us out


With the Q sheet blank it was quite the interesting morning.  Lots of mumble chatter, mainly Wilson reminding us throughout the morning that the Bills play tonight, albeit the final preseason game, he is excited.  The hot potato Q was fun, Mr. Roper certainly added to that with the 5 man triple check, still not sure what we did there but everyone was moving and sweating so all good.  Great morning to get out and sweat gents, strong work!  Have a great holiday weekend and be safe in wherever your travels may take you and the family!



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  1. Go Bill’s. 8pm if y’all are interested! lol Good job today fellas. Roper – getting crap as while leading is part of being the Q. The best part is you only have to count to 3. The PAX struggled with counting today for sure. Those parking lot tracers are no joke. Bigger than anticipated! F3 fantasy draft tonight. Kicker, kicker, Bill’s D! Winning formula! Thanks for publishing back blast Duke!

  2. Well done fellas. Had to cross the river to welcome my brother (now Chet) into F3.

    “5-man Triple Check” pretty sure you don’t want to search that at work.