Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Circus Maximus and Day 2 of Kettlebells for Some


Yesterday, White Deer and I took a roadtrip up to Manndate, and the Deer led us through a rigorous KB workout. Rinse and repeat this morning in the far West End darkness, except this time it was my turn to lead. Three of the CircusMaximus regulars were joined by three of Tuckahoe’s strongest. This is what went down:

31x SSH with some cadence shifts and a slow-speed section
25x Imperial Walkers -> Hillbillies
15x Cherry Pickers
10x Hand release merkins
20x LBC
20x Crabcakes (White Deer’s a** never leaving the pavement)

Overhead KB carry from VSF over to center of bus loop. 10 burpees OYO
Overhead KB carry to front of school near the wheelchair ramp.

Extended Half/Modified Dora consisting of the following:
50x merkin rows (with “off” team running length of straight-away and back)
100x KB snatches (with “off” team bear crawling up wheelchair ramp and back)
150x sit & press (with “off” team running length of straight-away and back)
200x lawnmower press (with “off” team feet-first crabwalking up sidewalk to door and back)

Overhead KB carry back to bus loop 10 burpees OYO
Overhead KB carry to VSF.

COT with Kubota taking us out.

Moleskin: The Deer and I were both feeling yesterday’s Manndate workout, but we settled in after the warm-up and put in the work. It was great having red-pill fixture, Attila, back after his Family Vacation (TM) out west with in-laws. It was also great to connect with the three Tuckahoe men who made it out. They cheerfully endured both the KB workout and WhiteDeer’s flatulence.



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  1. Nice Q Jville! Kettlbells are no joke, man what a great workout. Good partnering with White Deer as well!

  2. Great morning at Circus! Nice Q, J’ville and great partnering with Attila! As always, great to see you again, White Deer! Have a great day all.

  3. Great to be back and see some new faces at the Circus. Thanks J’ville and good to partner with Kubota. Solid start to day!

  4. Hey stop putting that back blast action on WD. Thought it was all coming from the Tuckahoe three amigos. Slurpee was a great partner but not sure he wasn’t Slur-pooping on the sit & presses. I’m just saying.