Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Manteo Yoga time


21 F3RVA gloom warriors, an out of town visitor (Slim) and an FNG met the dawn this morning to sweat it out at WDog. It went a little something like this:


20 SSH

10 Don Quixotes

10 Helicopters

10 Russian Soldiers

10 Merkins

some Manteo Yoga (as Vinny put it)

20 LBCs

10 Hillbillies

Mosey to the stage for a Dora  – 100 Merkins, 200 WW2s, 300 squats – partner runs the perimeter of the Amphitheatre

down to the Orchestra pit for some box jumps  – 1 jump first step, 1 jump second step then a decline merkin.  2 jumps 3rd step, 2 jumps 4th step then an incline merkin  – continue the pattern.  Turns out YHCs directions were both too forceful and not clear enough.  GP understood, the rest caught on.

Mosey to Rusty Cage.  4 chin over bar (don’t care how you get it) run to hydrant 1 Burpee.  Then 3/2 and so on.  Mosey back to Flag two minutes late.  I owe you guys two minutes.  YHC took us out

lots of hard work and some grumbling this morning.  Good clean fun.  Glad to have Slim in from NC who checked in on Twitter last night and always glad to have an FNG.  Welcome Freakanomics.  He’s gonna need some rides to workouts – see Offshore.


Hill Run today at Hillcrest. Happy Hour after at TYAs. All welcome. BRR talk to be focus.

Convergence Labor Day at 3 lakes Park

Happy Birthday Dogpile Sept 22nd – details to follow

Happy Birthday Oyster!

Amature Ride at RAMM Gears this Friday – see Offshore

MTB ride this afternoon- see No Tools

im sure I’m forgetting something.


Like I said on Twitter – I’m not too creative but you will feel the burn.  Thanks guys for letting me lead today.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice job Shakedown – Props to our boy Vinny for running to the AO this morning – well done dude I see ya buddy !
    Way to work guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Thanks brother! Wouldn’t have done it without all the inspiration, and leadership by example. Shakedown didn’t do me any favors with all that running once I got there though. 🙂

  3. Great Q Shakedown. Manteo Yoga is what’s up! I’m crushed. That was an adult sized Dora.

  4. Solid Q Shakedown. Way to roll through the mumble chatter. 21 is a solid number for WDog. Awesome to see Periscope crushing it. Big congrats to Bootleg for the half marathon this past weekend. I shared with him that I carried a defibrillator to the first 10 workouts he did. Way to make huge strides. And Vinny, running to a workout is flipping awesome. Have a great day fellas!!

  5. Looks like a Shakedown Q brings all the boys to the yard….great job today!

    Pretty sure I didn’t follow the pattern correctly for the box jump, merkin ascent…but I was still hurtin’ anyway when I made it to the top.

  6. Great Q, Shakedown! I convinced Buttermaker to make that drive from the west end this morning (also tried to convince him to lose the long sleeves…I believe he’s learning), as W-Dog does not disappoint. You, my friend, nailed it! Have a great evening, Gents.

  7. I’m don’t think there is a better Q/AO combination to introduce an FNG to F3. Thanks Shakedown.