Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“Americans never quit.”


YHC arrived nice and early this morning at SOT, more or less to assess the AO. Flag was placed and YHC waited to see who was going to post. And with that, 5 SOJ regulars posted for a Flatline Q. 0530….time to mosey but this morning, PAX started on the front side of MMS, down at bus loop.

COP…..X 15 forward arm circles ( 10 small, 5 big) and x 15 reversed. X 20 SSH, x 30 Imperial Walkers, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 15 Freddie Mercuries and YHC drew a blank so time to go.

Rapid Fire Curb Steps. Step ups with each feet as the PAX makes its way across the sidewalk in front of the school….from bus loop across to parking lot. Sidewalk got long….

5 and trees. PAX performed 5 exercises and in between each exercise, run and touch a tree. First exercise x 10 Merkins……2nd exercise x 10 (2 count Plank Jaxs), 3rd exercise x 10 HR Merkins, 4th exercise x 10 LBC, 5th exercise x 10 Flutter Kicks. And no tree can be touched twice. It appeared that the PAX played along.  Mosey to the football field.

Ascending 25 yds and Bear Crawls…….Bear crawl to each 25 yard marker for the length of football field. 25 yrd line x 10 Merkins. 50 yrd line x 10 Merkins and x 20 Flutter Kicks. Bear crawl to 25 yd line for x 10 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks and x 30 SSH. Bear Crawl to end goal line, x 10 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 30 SSH, and x 40 LBC.

Football length suicide….why not. PAX stayed at the other end of the football field. Wedding Singer had to tend to M, kids, and dog. Great to see you brother!

With 15 minutes left…..as many laps around the track as possible. PAX stayed together briefly with Rosie taking lead, Gumbo and YHC in the middle,  and DK not far behind! Not roadrunner speed, but 1.5 miles logged. WAY TO PUSH through the dog days of summer!! I mean thick…mosey back to the flag!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements= CSAUP in October see TYA, Convergence on Labor Day, and 4 yr anniversary of F3RVA, see Preblast.

NMS-Great to see DK this morning and mumblechatter was great during Rapid Fire Curb Steps. Wedding Singer-outstanding given all that is going on at home! YHC remembers those days and they pass quickly! Rosie and Gumbo, ooh aah Midlo baby. Great to see you. YHC has had a busy August and missing The Gloom and PAX. As ALWAYS, perfect way to start YHC’s day.

If you have not read Senator John McCain’s farewell address, YHC highly encourages all PAX members to read it. This week, our country lost a defender of friend and the USA who had the pinnacle of courage, honor, and integrity. Let us remember this countryman and continue to do what we do!

Here is an portion of Senator McCain’s address, “Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history.” Reference, Senator John McCain’s farewell address to the United States of American.

Remember this boys!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Great message and great Q. Well done, Flatline.

    I liked the variety COP/Touch a tree. Great idea with a PAX of 5.

  2. Sounds like a heck of a Q, way to bring in some track work. Kudos for shining a light on the words of the great John McCain.