Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Why are Overhead Claps so hard


8 faithful hit the gloom and the humidity head on for a beatdown at NoToll.  The PAX was expecting Sugar Sock but he is sick and requested a sub for the day so YHC was happy to step up.

Mosey to the field for a warm up of DQ, Helicopters, IW, Annie, LBC.

To the end line for a Quarter Pounder (abs) – Run to 25, do 25 WWI, Backward to the start, To the 50, 50 Box Cutters, Backward to start, to the 75, 75 Freddie Mercuries, Backward to start, to the 100, 100 Flutter Kicks, Backward to start.

Catch me if you can – P1 5 burpees run to catch P2, P2 bear crawl – swap for the length of the field.  Repeato with lunges.

Quarter Pounder #2 (arms) – 25 Hand Release Merkins, 50 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 75 Carolina Dry Docks, 100 Overhead Claps

Back to the basketball courts for Suicide Ladders – run to foul line, do 5 American Hammers at the baseline, increase by 5 each time you hit the baseline, 5, 10, 15, 20.  Repeat with merkins and Monkey Humpers

Mary – Dollies, APD, 1-leg APD, Rosalitas

DK and Olivander had some good discussion, that YHC mostly missed, about life across the pond now that DK is back from a 3 week trip to sunny England.  Beaker is back and hitting it hard, even when 2/3 of the New Market crew bails on him early in the morning.  Wanted to try a flying EH on the couple with the toddler in the stroller at 540 am but we held off.  The all arms QP was tough and 100 OH claps after the 75 CDD was a killer.  Thanks for sticking with it guys.  Next time QP #3 will be legs but after a couple days of running YHC wanted to save the legs.

Great to get in a good sweat and some fellowship this morning.


  • Labor Day at 3 Lakes Park, 7 am – Northern VA, North side, somewhere in that direction
  • F3 RVA 4 year anniversary – Sept 22 @ Dogpile
  • BRR/HDHH at TYA’s wednesday

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  1. Great Q Rosie…as always! I was wiped after the 2nd QP.

    Sugar Sock, hope you feel better soon!