Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A quick afternoon shower preceded the posting by 5 PAX at this week’s Punisher.  After a quick meet and greet in the parking lot, with some PAX members coming in hot, we moseyed to the east side of the hedges for The Thang:  Startup COP with SSHs, IWs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Helicopters, and Arm Circles.

Mosey to the outdoor classroom and started with the Attila Sequence using the picnic tables – 20 x Dips, 20 x Step Ups (one leg), 20 x Dips, 20 x Step Ups (other leg), and finish with 20 x Dips.  Begin 8 minute EMOM #1 with 10 – 20 (or more) Wide Grip Merkins for the odd minute using the rest of the minute for a brief rest and 10-20+ Carolina Dry Docks for the even minute.  Follow with EMOM #2 with 10-20+ Squats for the odd and 10-20+ Side Lunges for the even.

Brief break in the action with one PAX member completing 5 Merkins while the others Bear Crawl away from the pavilion and crawl back when the Merkins are done.  Next guy does the same with the others crawling out and back.  For round 2, 5 Close Grip or Diamond Merkins with the other guys Lunge Walking away and back.  Start EMOM #3 with 20-30+ Hello Dollys (I don’t believe you would pluralize Dolly in writing about more than one rep of the exercise) for the odd and 20-30+ Freddie Mercurys (same here) for the even.

Circle up briefly in the grass on the way to the parking lot for a little stretching.  Mosey back to the parking lot.  COT and YHC took us out.

Announcements:  Labor Day Convergence – Three Lakes Park – 7 AM on Labor Day and 4 Year F3RVA Convergence – Dogwood Dell at Dogpile on September 22nd.

NMS:  Nice work gents.  The summer has been good.  On behalf of Punisher regulars (Nightcrawler, Sonny, Tricycle) a good mix of F3 tourism and possible regulars has brought new energy.

Krü (you can find the u with the diaeresis in the Special Character menu in WordPress formatting) and Adderall made it out again following posting at Saturday’s at GridIron.  Both have kids that once attended Holton Elementary, so the grounds are familiar to these guys.  Their comfort with their surroundings shone through their picnic table top Hello Dolly/Freddie Mercury rotation.  Nightcrawler, Offshore, and YHC stuck to the wet grass.  Adderall also has an advanced Squat technique – you against you man.

Good seeing Offshore, too.  Has probably been a while – prior to Punisher moving to the evenings.  Offshore added to the evening’s degree of difficulty by running to the AO from VCU (having parked near Holton in the morning and catching the bus to campus).

Nightcrawler – want the rest of the story on the trip to Sealevel, NC.  See you sometime after Labor Day.

Through some combination of GridIron last Saturday and other activities during the weekend, YHC had back muscle spasms that started Monday afternoon.  You may have your own story about medicating for F3 activities, but two Advil and a little pre-workout Tiger Balm provided help but not a solution.  Who else out there has a pre-game cream, ointment, salve, or pill routine?


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  1. Thanks Chum for the ground and pound after all that running. I hear Flipper has some equipment that might help you.