Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lots of Things Were Passed This Morning


COP all IC

SSH x 10

Helicopters x 10

DQ x 10

Arm circles x 10 small 5 big and reverso


all done wth 40 pound KB

1st – PAX lines up and  turns left to pass the KB  to the man behind them then run to end of line, switch to right turn halfway around the circle.

2nd – Line up like the first this one passes the KB over their head to the person behind them and they pass it under their legs to the person behind them. Run to the end of the line after the KB is passed. Positions were changed halfway to ensure everyone got a chance at each position. Some did a burpee on the way to the end of the line.

3rd – Pax lines up again and holds plank. Do 2 Merkin-Rows and pass the KB, run to end of line and plank up. This is done for half of the circle

4th – PAX holds Helix Squat. First man performs 1 Turkish Get Up and pass to the next in line, then runs to end of line and get back into squat. Done till the tree got in the way

Lumber Jack Line to burn up time

Mosey to the Flag.


Labor Day Covergence at Three Lakes Park 7:00 Labor day. See Pre-Blast



THE Carpenter took us out


The night before YHC send out a message telling everyone that they would not need to bring a Kettle Bell to a Kettle Bell workout. So everyone brought a kettle bell anyway.

YHC wanted to ease the PAX into these exercises as 40 pounds was more than some were used to moving around and to help them get an idea of what would be done. Some decided that this was too easy and started doing burpees on the way to the end of the line. Wanting to give the PAX what they wanted we went right into the Merkin Row line. This started out moving slow until someone dropped some of the 4th F that proceeded to progress down the line, the tempo increased greatly.

The 4th F made its presence know a lot this morning prompting the PAX to wonder food combinations would produce the most pungent aroma. Suggestions that this be the September Challenge were put forth.

Good work was put in by all

Thanks for letting me lead








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