Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

12 days away baby !


4 studs hit the hills of Roller Coaster in preparation for the BRR and here is how it went down.

TYA – BT – Swirly – 7 small loops 5.miles

Rosie – 1 long loop – 3 short loops – 5 miles

Great job guys – we haven’t run those short loops in  awhile – not much time to recover on those suckers….

Hey BRR team remember – next Wed there will be a Happy Hour/Team meeting  after we hit this hills. Come on out start anytime between 5-6 on the run – happy hour / meeting will directly follow at TYA’S house /Patio – 6:30ish

See y’all in the gloom..


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