Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kubota Birthday Q at F3 Carterico’s Hole in None


8 Carteret County, NC redwoods, one visiting redwood from Charlotte and one Guest Q on vacation from Richmond converged on the Morehead City Country Club for a birthday beat down that went like this:

Warm-a-rama with Kettlebell Q, Reef Donkey:

SSH x 25 (Reef)

Helicopters x 15 (Kubota)

Cotton Pickers x 20 (Reef)

Imperial Walkers x 20 (Kubota)

Sun Gods x 8 forward x 8 backward (Reef)

Merkins x 10 (Kubota)

Kettle bells go one way and Boot camp goes the other way



Mosey to Picnic Table Pavilion for:

Modified DORA:

Partner up at and complete the following as a pair:

Decline Merkins x 50

Dips x 100

Incline Merkins x 150

Partners rotate and partner not doing exercise runs 100 yards or so to big tree and back.


Mosey to cart path and perform:

40’s (Lindsey’s):

10 Carolina Dry Docks/30 LBC’s

High Knees for a few yards

15 Carolina Dry Docks/25 LBC’s

Butt Kickers for a few yards

20 Carolina Dry Docks/20 LBC’s

Lunges for a few yards

25 Carolina Dry Docks/15 LBC’s

Russian Soldier for a few yards

30 Carolina Dry Docks/10 LBC’s

Imperial Walkers for a few yards

41 LBC’s for YHC’s Birthday


mosey a little ways for:

Partner Leg Tosses

3 sets x 20 reps each partner





Jumps Squats and WWII Sit-ups

bear crawl about 10 yards in between each exercise


circle up for:

Burpee Shuffle:

Taking turns around the circle, each PAX member calls out 1, 2 or 3.  All PAX perform that many Burpees.  No repeats.  Shuffle feet while not doing Burpees.


Mosey back towards the Shovel Flags and stop short for 30 seconds of holding 6 inches.


Time Up!


COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and Prayer



What a great morning for a beat down!  YHC didn’t know what to expect or how many PAX to expect, but was very pleased when 18 total showed up for the two workouts.  The breeze was blowing hard off the water which offset the humidity some.  YHC drove over to the AO yesterday to check out the terrain, but it looks like any other golf course so YHC was still left with no idea on what was going to transpire this morning.  This was definitely going to be a “fly by the seat of your pants” workout!  Paper Jam arrived first and YHC thought he was a local PAX member, but came to find out he was visiting just like YHC.  Then some PAX member starting rolling in and a few had already Rucked 3 or so miles.  Great job, guys!  Some pleasantries were exchanged as the rest of the PAX rolled in.  Some advice was given to YHC by Reef Donkey and others and then it was time to mosey.  After a combined Warm-a-rama with the Kettle Bell PAX with Reef Donkey and YHC leading, 10 total PAX followed YHC to begin the Hole In None workout.

YHC partnered up with Denver for the DORA.  Great job, Denver!  Next, YHC led the PAX on what he thought was the cart path for the 40’s.  Not sure what we were on, but it worked out.  We eventually found a concrete cart path and continued on that around a lake.  11’s had to be cut a little short for time.  The bear crawls and the Burpee Shuffle were tough, but the PAX pulled through and killed it.  After moseying and meeting back up with the other group, 45 minutes was up!  Really fast 45 minutes!

YHC would like to thank the F3 Carterico PAX for letting YHC Guest Q on his birthday!  Also, special thanks to Reef Donkey for his help and taking care of posting this back blast on Carterico’s website.  I truly enjoyed this morning and YHC’s hopes ya’ll have a great rest of the week!  YHC will be back!

See ya in the gloom!



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