Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

$8 Tickets


9 humid-loving warriors hit the eject button from the fart sack and arrived in the Atlee high school parking lot to engage in a fight that went something like this…

Mosey around the greenhouse and back to the start. YHC handed off the Q to Opus…

Tubthumping Burpees

Run in place and do a burpee whenever the words “I get knocked down” are sung in Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping. Plank and do mountain climbers in between the “I get knocked down” moments.

COP All IC – 8 SSHs, 8 invisible jump ropes, 8 imperial walkers, 8 hand-release merkins, 8 lbcs, 8 crab cakes

Mosey to the road that leads back to the football field.

Light post LBCs

Run to each light post and do 8 LBCs at each. Continue until the light post at the far edge of the football field parking lot.

Mosey to the football ticket box office

Touch a Tree

Do 8 hand-release merkins (HRMs), go touch a treee, return to do 8 HRMs. Repeat until 8 trees touched.

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot

Burpee Jumps

Partner up. One partner elbow planks while the other does burpees that include jumping over the partner to the other side. 4 burpees for each partner. Rinse & repeat.

Light post WWII sit-ups

Run to each light post and do WWII situps at each. Start with 2, add 2 up to 8 and then decrease (2-4-6-8-6-4-2…). Continue until return to the original light post.

Mosey to the flag.

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, Spit took us out


  • Puppy pile this Saturday at 7 am
  • Labor Day Convergence at Three Lakes Park


The official word was given that high school football ticket prices were raised from $7 to $8 for this upcoming season. YHC noticed some mumble chatter by the Ms of some of the PAX and decided to make that the hidden theme of this morning’s fun fest. The number 8 was experienced throughout.

The humidity was no joke this morning. The PAX launched out across the parking lot only to return to the same spot. Mumble chatter was prevalent as everyone seemed to have something to say about YHC’s decision to bring us back. That is when YHC handed the Q over to Opus for a burpee beatdown to the song, Tubthumping. It has been awhile since YHC had heard that song and I don’t think anyone realized how many times the singer sang, “I get knocked down but I get up again” until this mornings barrage of burpees. Well played, Opus!

The run to the football field parking lot with LBCs all along the way provided ample opportunities for the PAX to shine. Spike and Spit set the pace. HoneyDo, Wheelie and Circle K were right behind them. Spike took it to the next level on the return run. He continued all the way to the road and left the PAX in the dust. Wheelie wasn’t too far behind though. Flounder fought hard and kept pace with the PAX and continues to show that “the workouts don’t get easier but you will get stronger.” He is stepping up!

YHC was reminded again of the ridiculous fun of F3 this morning. Every morning provides a new opportunity for memories and strengthening. It is always an honor to lead the PAX in the gloom!

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  1. The Carpenter on

    Thanks for letting me lead this morning. I don’t think I will be able to get the song from Opus out of my head…

  2. Great Q Carpenter! My arms are spent after all those HRM’s. Opus that was a smoker of a opening! I’m sure we will see that one again soon!

  3. Great Q TC. Sneaky amount of running involved.

    Public Service Announcement for F3RVA completing the Summer Tour – If traveling to Daville or Tomato Run, While on Rt 301, do not make a left on Atlee Station Rd. Go to the next stop light and take a left. This will bring you right to the AO

  4. Killer workout this morning, Carpenter. My arms are not cooperating with me now. Thanks for letting me commandeer the beginning of your Q.

  5. Great Q, TC! I was relieved that I didn’t trip and fall on Spike during the Burpee Jumps. I am sure it would have caused him damage and I never would have lived it down.

  6. Thanks for the notice Circle K. I missed the “turn up yonder” sign
    Was weird to show up and walk right into the Opus Tubthumper.