Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Forest Hill and then some


A solid 9 pax showed up this morning for trails.  Saab has been benched from the trails by his knee doctor, so he opted for road miles.  The rest of us did the following:

-Buttermilk to Lariat trail then up Forest Hill loop.  Check out the rest of the CSAUP course by adding a lap around the lake.  Back to parking lot, for roughly 8 miles.


First off, great to see our friend from last week, FNG Pert+ show up again.  In case you would like to know where his name came from (as were several of the pax present this morning), he is a man of many talents, one of which includes teaching adjunct at UR as a music professor in West African drum music.  Neal Pert is arguably the best drummer of all time, so we named him Pert, Plus all the other stuff he does.  I was ready to hang Zumba on him, but Upchuck seemed to think that was dumb…so I listened.  I was waiting for a text from ET’s to tell me the next great name, but alas it never came.  Welcome Pert+!

Also, we saw TYA out on the Forest Hill trails this morning.  Vinny was bent as hell when I wouldnt count him in the COT, so he gets an honorable mention here.  You either show up for the workout or you don’t.  TYA knows the deal, as do I.

Phonics took a spill early.  He’s ok.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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