Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heartbreak Ridge secured by Henrico’s finest


6 studs came out to Heartbreak Ridge on a cool, almost fall-like, morning. We did:

COP – Invisible Jumprope, Don Qs, Helicopters, Merkins, Flutterkicks. Mosey to Honeysuckle Hill.

Triple check – Donkey Kicks, Squats, and Bernie Sanders up Honeysuckle hill. Head to tennis courts- Wheelbarrow from baseline to net, 10 Derkins. Each man does 4 times. Over to basketball court.

10 WWII situps each hoop, bear crawl between hoops. Down to Jerkin Gym. 4 sets of 8 Jerkins. Benchkicks sets of 30, 35, and 40.

Heartbreak Hill- Up, 10 Merkins, and down. 5 times. Back to Jerkin Gym for AMRAP set. Back to flag, some Mary, then Atilla took us out.

NMS – YHC forgot he had signed up to Q until EF Hutton reminded him last night at Punisher. On our initial mosey a police car sped by and hit his siren announcing the whole AO had been secured, which was important since this was Rosie’s first post at HBR.

We started actually at 5 but Mr Holland got in at the COP to make it a perfect 6 pax. We had 2 more of Henrico’s finest pass while on Honeysuckle hill. YHC has not Qed enough with the summer tour so he wanted to get in his favorites: Donkey Kicks, Wheelbarrow, and Benchkicks.

Everyone brought it this morning. Bromance keeps getting stronger,  Phonics and Rosie set the pace, and Atilla was happy to hit the Jerkin Gym. Rosie was impressed we have a specific Jerkin set for us. Mr Holland was glad for the Jerkins to match his sleeves Guns Out look.

Heartbreak Hill always sucks, but even more so when your shoes weigh 5 lbs with the dew.

Announcements – 6pack CSAUP and endurance CSAUP in October. Labor day convergence with Daville taking the lead, albeit at a Henrico AO.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. We entered the patented Honeydo timewarp to get us through the full tour of the AO. Felt like that lasted an hour this morning, I was smoked after visiting the namesake. It’s no TwinTeam but the repeats were crushing.

  2. Wow Honeydo, that was some beatdown! Well done. I agree with Rosie that it seemed like it lasted an hour. I had forgotten how high Heartbreak Hill is. Trying to keep up with Rosie going up the hill was exhausting.