Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wednesday Evening


6 hill runners tackled the offsite Roller Coaster this evening with an unexpected downpour in the middle of the run.

Park at Kuba Kuba Dos and take off down Ridge to Holmes.  Turn left into Kanawha Recreation parking lot and escape through the one-way exit onto Ralston.  Take Ralston to a left on University and stop! (1/2 mile)  Loop starts here.  Take University to Gaymont to Kingston to Rose Hill to the end of Ralston.  Right on Ralston and get a drink of lemonade from Husky at his lemonade stand and then run up the big hill to University and do it all over again (1 mile)…or you can be like:

YHC and Lockjaw and do the loop 3 times

Swirly and TYA and do it 4 times

Saab and do it 5 times

Run back to Kuba Kuba Dos (1/2 mile) and dry off and change some clothes

…or you can be like Phonics and be LIFO and try to find PAX.  YHC is not sure where he went.  He did eventually catch up with the some of the PAX on Ralston.  He crossed River Road and ran some hills there.  YHC is still trying to figure out how he found us.  Maybe he could smell YHC’s shoes (they stink and they are being transferred to grass cutting shoes after this week!)

Gomer Pyle wanted to run but instead he got caught up in a work conference call that he had to take in his car.  Sorry, dude.  Wish you could have run with us.  Glad it was over before HDHH.

Husky appreciates everyone’s partaking in his lemonade at his stand!  Boy was excited when YHC got home.  Grin from ear to ear!

Great run this evening gents and the unexpected rain during the middle of the run was much needed to cool things off!

Thanks again!


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  1. I’ve seen 2.0s at workouts and 2.0s sitting in the yard watching, but a 2.0 Lemonade Stand takes the cake. Awesome.