Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweatin’ it out at the beach


12 men threw off the clutches of the fartsack, including 2 FNG’s, to run (a little) and allow YHC to introduce some Richmond F3 to F3Grandstrand.

This is how it supposedly went down…
15 SSH   15 Don Quixotes   15 mountain climbers    15 arm circles (10 small, 5 big, then reverso)  15 LBC’s    15 Imperial Walkers
Mosey to park pavilion
Aiken legs   20 box jumps
                   20 squats
                   20 lunges
                   20 split jacks
Roll right into triple check:  form up into teams of three, one partner runs the indoor park loop, while the other 2 do flutter kicks and plank.  When the runner gets back, switch roles, repeat until everyone has done each exercise, then rinse and repeat the whole thing.
Mosey to ‘yoga mat’ playground area for 11’s–do 1 merkin on first side, lunge to other side, do 10 heels to heaven, lunge back, always make sure the numbers add up to 11.
Mosey back to AO for COT, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.
YHC is on vacation this week but needed to get in a workout, so got advice from F3 brother Spit in Richmond on how to contact local F3 and got in touch with Beaker (Muppet reference, scientist?–YHC forgot to ask) who asked if he wanted to guest Q.  Sure, why not.  It was a lot of fun to introduce F3 here to some Richmond favorites, including Aiken legs, triple check and Alabama Prom Date.  The last especially was warmly received, which is a sure sign of how cultured this group is, which reminded YHC of home–love it!  Overall this was a lot of fun, and it was great getting to know other brothers in the gloom.  Richmond has nothing on this area regarding humidity, as YHC was dripping in sweat midway through Aiken legs.  Thanks especially to Beaker for helping YHC with figuring out the workout regarding layout, etc.
Thanks for letting me lead.  As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

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