Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sauna Season Is Here


Four spa goers (one of whom is on tour) came for a steam bath, and Batteau delivered. Hot Potato is the custom.

Swirly Q: Mosey to the pit for COP – SSHs / DQs / Helicopters / LBCs / Flutter kicks. Mosey down Love Hill to the pond bridge. 12 posts crossing the bridge – ascending merkins (78 in total) with bear crawl to the end. Descending burpees (78 in total) with lunges back to the start. Russian Soldiers across the bridge. High knees back to the start.

Vinny Q: Indian Run to the second stair case. Mosey to the top. 30 second walking count towards the six trees in the field by Forest Hill. Mosey the rest of the way. Partner up. PLTs x 20 at each tree. Start at tree – 1, complete PLTs, run to tree – 6, then back to tree – 2, etc. until completion of 120 PLTs and all trees are stamped. Mosey back to the flag.

Phonics Q: 6MOM – Plank-O-Rama: Form plank. Carolina Dry Docks / Merkins x 10. Rotate to side plank.   Drop hip and raise x 10. Rotate to back plank. Inverted APD x 10. Other side. Drop hip and raise x 10. Front plank for rotating elbows x 10. Mountain climbers x 10. Freddie Mercuries x 20. Rosalitas x 15. American Hammers x 20. 6 inches 30 count. … dig your own grave … crawl in … lie down … die from heat exhaustion.

Crossroads took us out.

Announcements: Fireman Ed VQ at Hoedown next Monday. Roller Coaster HDHH this Wed. at Kuba Kuba Dos. Puppy Pile 8/25. Marv has the Q

NMS: Just a brutal morning. Hot Potatoes are tough enough, add in a Swedish Sauna, and you had Batteau today. All I can say is, way to work men. There was no hiding today. Swirly worked us over, then we had to climb out of the bottom and work in some abs. By the time YHC handed it off to Phonics, I was done. Lack of oxygen to the brain made me forget how ruthless and demanding a Phonics lead 6MOM can be. Not only did he bang out all of those exercises, but he did so in cadence with authority! Well done Phonics. YHC is known to sweat. Today I gave back about five pounds in water weight. Add that to the five I gave on the trails yesterday, and it’s not a bad start to the week. Drink lots of water today men, and we’ll see you back out tomorrow.


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  1. Excellent backblast Vinny. Today’s workout was definitely worth the ride over. Everytime I post at Batteau I’m so tired at the end I have trouble driving home. I’m just happy that Swirly went first because if I had to do all of those merkons and burpees at the end, I would not have been able to get up all the steps to get back to the SF. Follow it up with the PLT that Vinny led and then the 6MOM, it was a brutal workout. Well done.PAX!

  2. Brutal! Well done, men.

    I decided I will spare you all from another Hot Potato in 2 weeks. Need to serve up some Gumbo at Batteau…it’s been too long.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Very well done guys – man that was a smoker !
    Thanks for writing up the BB Vinny. Great to have Phonics join us this morning..
    See y’all in the gloom..