Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Monday Evening


5 strong posted at Punisher this evening with the RVA conditions being Sunny, Hot, Humid and 88.  At Holton Elementary is was 70 and Sunny.  Here is what transpired:


Cotton Pickers x 15

Russian Soldiers x 15

Hillbillies x 15

Arm Circles x 15 Forward and Backward

Freddie Mercury’s x 15

Hybrid Merkins/Shoulder Taps x 15



Partner up for Doracides

Run to first tree and perform one Burpee, run back to partner, then run to second tree and perform two Burpees and run back a switch with partner.  Exercises at start line were 100 x Merkins, 200 x LBC’s, 300 x single count Mountain Climbers.

Mosey over to school wall for Triple Check

Dwight Howards/Heels to Heaven/Run to tree and back

3 x Rounds


Mosey a little to nice green grassy area for Four Corners

10 x 2 count Flutter Kicks

10 x 2 count Flutter Kicks/10 x Scorpion Kicks

10 x 2 count Flutter Kicks/10 x Scorpion Kicks/10 x Jump Squats

10 x 2 count Flutter Kicks/10 x Scorpion Kicks/10 x Jump Squats/10 Hand Release Merkins


Mosey a little for a new routine “5 Trees/5 PAX”

Each PAX member gets at a tree and does Reverse Crunches.  First tree person does 10 Carolina Dry Docks and then runs to next tree/person and relieve that person who runs to next tree/person and so on until all PAX members have had a turn doing the Dry Docks at the first tree.  PAX is doing Reverse Crunches the whole time they are not running from tree to tree or doing the Dry Docks.  You had to be there to understand, I guess.  Didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Mosey a little for PLT’s

3×20 PLT’s with YHC doing Pole Smokers because of odd numbers.

Burpee Shuffle with each PAX calling out 1,2,3 Burpees.  No repeats.

Turn Q over to the Punisher himself, Chum Bucket for 7 MOM

Lots of LBC’s, about 8 different forms of LBC’s

6 Inches while PAX members take turns counting to 60

Stretching exercises

Back to the Shovel Flag

Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out


HDHH/Roller Coaster this Wednesday at Kuba Kuba Dos at 5:30 pm.  Bring a change of clothes or deodorant (no outdoor seating)

PuppyPile August 25th after DogPile.  Marv has the Q.

Breaking Bread needs a Q for August.  Sign up on the Q sheet.

Ghost Flag will be out at DogPile this Saturday.  Get your nano-regions out there.


First, let’s congratulate Shakedown for completing the Summer Tour this evening.  I feel honored to have Q’d his final AO.  It was nice and hot even in the shady areas that we worked in this evening.  Everyone worked hard and there were no complaints.  YHC wanted to include Chum Bucket in the Q because it had been a couple weeks since other PAX have taken the Q over at Punisher.  YHC knew that he was good at Mary exercises, so there you go.  Thanks, Chum!  It was great to meet Tricycle and Phonics posted and checked Punisher off of his Summer Tour list.  Thanks for coming out and working hard, fellas!

See ya in the gloom!


keep posting!


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  1. Challenging workout Kubota and Chum Bucket. I had trouble moseying back to the SF. Well done!