Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dark Trails


Two runners and one rucker showed up to Tomato Run in the humidity ready to get some miles in.

Even though YHC had the Q, I was looking forward to discovering the Mechanicsville trails, so Spit functioned as trail guide for the day. 2 miles out on the trails, and 2 miles back on the roads and Spit and YHC finished up a few minutes early with 4 miles in the bag.

Mudface did his usual ruck, and was back to the shovel flag on time and we wrapped up with a quick namerama, numberama, and COT.

Thanks to Spit for slowing it down with me today and showing me the trails. Also, kudos to Mudface for hauling that rucksack around in the humidity this morning.

Have an awesome week everyone!

~Why walk when you can Wheelbarrow?


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  1. Great to have you out this morning Wheelbarrow! Hope to see back in DaVille again before the summer tour ends.