Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Barefoot at Bernies


Its hot and humid.  We are at the beach.  Lets go for a run.



5mi out and back.



After a discussion with Lab Rat on running changes after injury, we decided that barefoot running was worth a shot.  Lab Rat was adamant that nice soft, plush, grass is the answer.  I know that Kiawah has plenty of green fields, but the gestapo is hiding around every tree and the beach is free… so the beach it is.

If you have never been down there, the beach at high tide is rather hard, some soft sand, but nothing that you sink into.  At low tide, the beach is rock hard and 50 – 100 m wide. Consistent in contrast to our typical OBX haunt.

It worked.  YHC had to focus on foot placement to keep the wear and tear down, but after working up to it over a few days YHC was able to get 5 miles straight in.  No calf issues.  With shoes on the next day, no issues.  Gitty up!

Tippecanoe crushed it.  Looking forward to XC season and what he does.

GP,  out


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