Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Grove Solo Trail Run


One PAX member took off at 6 am from Urban Farmhouse on this perfect Sunday morning for a relaxing 5.6 mile journey.  Of course since there were no witnesses, this is the legend of what occurred.

The Route

Leave Urban Farmhouse and take a left onto North Woolridge Road.  Take a right onto Grove Hill Road.  Follow the bike path/trail until it ends then take a right onto Coalfield Road.  Take a left onto Bristol Village Road.   Take a left onto Manders Drive.  Take a left onto Coalfield Road and then a right onto Grove Hill Road.  From Grove Hill follow the bike path/trails through the neighborhood going around the lake until it came into the Midlothian YMCA parking lot.  Turn around and follow the path back to Grove Hill Road.  Take at left onto Grove HIll crossing North Woolridge Road until it ends.  Follow a sidewalk that appeared to be abandoned at the end of Grove Hill Road.  Find a trail at the end of the abandoned sidewalk and follow it.  After YHC discovered that he was standing in the Midlothian Middle School parking lot, he noticed a cat to the left.  Follow the cat down a trail that would take him onto roads that would Lead to to Sycamore Village Drive.  Take a left onto Coalfield Road.  Pass JB Watson Elementary School and turn left into the Urban Farmhouse parking lot.


The RVA Summer Tour has been a lot of fun including the run today that required stopping every 10 minutes to figure out where he was.  16 down and 8 to go.  This was the 2nd to last stop that requires YHC to pay for a toll.  Still trying to figure out why the nickel bridge cost a quarter.

Announcement:  You still have time to join the RVA Summer Tour.  August 6 (tomorrow) is the last date if you have not posted on a Monday since Memorial Day.

Gotta Run!



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