Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Summer Tour Comes to an End


Seven strong took the fields of gridiron. Here’s how it went down-

Mosey to center of track field – warm up. SSH, mountain climbers, Don Q, werkins, flutters

Partner up – track work. Round 1 -run opposite way on track until meeting up, perform 15 boo ya merkins, repeat until complete 4 rounds. Round 2 – run opposite way, complete 20 partner leg throws each at meet up, repeat until completed 4 rounds.

bear crawl to middle of field – 25 two-count SSHs, bear crawl back. Repeat with 20 WWII situps.

Line up on one end of field, BLIMP to the other end – 5 broad jump burpees, 10 lunges, 15 imperial walkers, 20 polar bears.

honeymoon suite – monkey humpers, prom dates, pickle pounders

mosey to picnic tables – lindsay – irkins and 2-count freddie

Hand Q to White Deer – 3 on 3 volleyball with loser of point performing 1 burpee for opponent . increase burpees each point, up to ten points and the end of game. Game ended 10-6.


YHC has enjoyed the summer challenge, as JVille confirmed the last time attending Gridiron was the convergence, and the coffee shop was still open. YHC wish he’d had tried to Q them all, which would have included a lot of Lab Rat ultimate frisbee. It was a beautiful morning, plenty of people out getting in their workout on the track as the PAX turned out a few miles. Lots of chatter about the swimming announcement at Dogpile and the imminent danger cancellation. Honeymoon suite was a request to honor all the folks out exercising, not sure it was honorable though.

White Deer asked to take the last 15 minutes which is fine with YHC as his volleyball activity was much better than the last few ideas YHC had up his sleeve. At about 5 points/burpees, the PAX really felt the weight of each point as the burpees increased towards 10. Thanks to WD for that.

Good fellowship as always at Einsteins after the workout.

Time to retreat the comfort of the local AOs, see you all in the gloom.


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  1. Great job Singer! Enjoyed having you at Gridiron. For the record, I owned White Deer in volleyball.