Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mo Fo Booyah!!


Yes, it is true. YHC wanted to lead the PAX across the river today but rains up river, concerns from M’s, and overall safety lead YHC to have a “normal” Q for Dogpile this morning. Upon arrival, 3 regular PAX members and a upcoming 1st classmen at The Institute were ready to go. Shovel Flag was placed and mumblechatter in The Gloom was on!! 22 men arrived this morning for a mo fo booyah Q!!! 0600….time to mosey!

COP….x10 Russian Soldiers, 1 Burpee. x 14 (10 small, 4 big) forward and backward arm circles, 2 Burpees. x 15 SSH, x 3 Burpees. x 15 Cooperhead Squats, x 4 Burpees, and x 10 Flutter Kicks, x 5 Burpees. Time to get it all out!

Mosey to Fountain Lake (please read NMS for other selected names)…….partner up. Partner 1 runs a lap around the lake and catches up with Partner 2. Partner 2, bear crawls to each light post. At each light post, x 10 Merkins and x 20 (2 count) American Hammers. Bear crawls lasted approx. 1/2 around the lake and Q called an audible-lunges over bear crawls. Respect to a few PAX members who continued to bear crawl!! Yup, mumblechatter was light so the PAX was definitely digging a little deeper!!!!

Mosey to the Vita Course….yup, F3 RVA showed up in force this morning. At each workout stop, perform x 10 Carolina Dry Docks, x 10 Jump Squats. Due to time constraints, YHC called audible to stop at balance beam. With 5 minutes to spare, yes PAX kept running!! Mosey to The Lawn for one final Q exercise!

Lawn Sprint….AYG across The Lawn. 100% max effort was asked and PAX responded!!! Time’s up. Mosey back to the flag!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements……New podcast is up. CSAUP, Oct 20-see TYA and involves running, a lot. Puppypile, Aug 25-Marv has lead.  Congrats to our new fathers-Hardywood, Hitchhiker, and Spit!! Convergence, Labor Day, out in Da Ville somewhere-see Spit!

YHC took us out!!

NMS-lots this morning so here YHC goes. First, great to see Gumbo back in The Gloom.

YHC really wanted to traverse the river this morning so that will have to wait. Part of the problem is how far out Dogpile Q have been spoken for….nice work PAX!! In the gloom, Swirly mentioned one of YHC’s last Q’s and how the PAX was at fountain lake, or as Swirly called it syringe lake. YHC had to internally laugh at The Gloom because, well, PAX was back at syringe lake again today. Or Bird Poop Alley as Honeymoon referred to it! Either way, syringe lake, bird poop alley, or Fountain Lake, YHC has some bad memories of that place in the past so thank you for providing YHC with a glorious morning and positive vibes!

Wilson, yes YHC likes to keep moving so running it is. But YHC thinks you know that. Always love the clown care from New Market! And BRR participants need to get those miles in!!!

Swiper and Sippy Cup, way to push the run around the lake this morning!! And Pullout, all in my friend and that is awesome!! As for backblast, every now and again, YHC just makes up words and phrases so “Mo Fo Booyah” came out as the _____ lake exercise was finishing!!

New fathers—glad to hear all is well with your families. YHC sends blessings and good health prayers!!

YHC is sure there is more that he missed in mumblechatter!! Please enlighten.

To all PAX members, thank you for following this morning. Yes YHC heard discontent but that usually is a good thing. We are blessed to have arisen from the sack this morning and push ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

” This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud,




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  1. Another crushing beatdown. Nice working with Swirley around Syringe Lake. Get tested. It’s free and early detection can save your life.

    Great having Hardywood back in the saddle. I’ve missed his quiet and boring demeanor.

    We’ll get to the river one day, Flatty, don’t you worry.

  2. Great Q Flatline. 4 miles traveled in an out its nuts but fun. Glad to partner with a fellow DaVillian this morning! Thanks Helix for the push.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  3. Brutal in the humidity, but I needed that. Nice to be back out there.

    Good chat with Deuce, Hardywood, Vinny, etc at ETs.t

  4. Great to be back in the Gloom with you men!

    Flatline, way to bring it and way to stick with the plan through the mumblehatter. That was a crusher for sure.

  5. Yeah buddy! Way to get it all out. This was a bruiser. Awesome to be back. Have a great weekend fellas!

  6. Flatline – the lake exercise was brutal. At one point we were saying “how did you die………flatline”. Had a good ring to it. You always bring the intensity. Glad to have woke up and participated. Great work by all men! I have heard a few grumblings from some New Market that walking today is tough. See y’all in the gloom!