Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Elevens to Rule them All


Four redwoods posted at Circus for some midsummer gloom. This is what went down, more or less:

Typical warm-up sequence in COP with 25x SSH, 25x Don Quiote, 25x Imperial Walkers, 25x LBC, 20x 4-count heels to heaven, 25x crabcakes.

Mosey to bus loop near sheltered area. Line up in front of curb. 10x 4-count lawnmower pulls (right), 10x 4-count lawnmower pulls (left), and 10x incline merkins. Rinse and repeat that sequence.

Commence Elevens from Hell.
round 1
– 1 KB snatch (right)
– 1 KB snatch (left)
– run bus loop
– 10 burpees
– run bus loop

round 2
– 2 KB snatch (right)
– 2 KB snatch (left)
– run bus loop
– 9 burpees
– run bus loop

round 3
– 3 KB snatch (right)
– 3 KB snatch (left)
– run bus loop
– 8 burpees
– run bus loop

rinse and repeat for rounds 4 through 10 until each PAX member completes 10 KB snatches on each arm and 1 burpee.

COT with Honey Do taking us out

Moleskin. Opus rolled in a few minutes late, but did not miss much. He just returned from a 4 week vacation driving cross-country. This was his welcome back party! We were glad to have him out.

White Deer started talking trash the second Honey Do opened his car door. YHC knew running needed to be in the day’s recipe.

The elevens felt more like a Lucky Horseshoe than elevens on account of all of the running. The snatches and burpees have a nasty way of interfering with run mechanics. We all slowed significantly as the rounds progressed.

After the COT, everyone just laid around on the concrete sidewalk for quite some time. I could barely carry the KB back to the car.

Thanks for letting me lead. Jville


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  1. Most running at Circus ever! The air coming from White Deer’s mouth was the least of our problems.
    Nice Q Jville.

  2. Remind me not to take another month off of F3. I felt like today was my first day ever at a workout. Thanks for kicking my butt.