Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This Potato was pretty hot


YHC arrived at the fertile fields of No Toll at 5am sharp and secured the AO with the flag.  Soon, 11 more stalwarts had rolled in, including a Summer Tour participant and a clown car from New Market, and the Dirty Dozen were off.  Honeydo had apparently heard the rumor I planted in the Q sheet about this being a Hot Potato, though some others thought YHC was taking over No Toll.  No sir, just an unusual opening on the Q sheet at No Toll and an opportunity to pass the potato around.  Instructions were to take 10 minutes and pass the Q, though some passed it faster and we got a lot of folks involved.  We kept moving and put in some work!  This is what YHC recalls:

Sugar Sock: Mosey to Parking Lot for warmup COP, all IC: SSH, Don Quixote, Helicopters, Merkins and Flutter Kicks

Tobit: Proper Doracides on the soccer field.  Partner 1 runs a suicide across the soccer field while partner 2 works on sets of 1 Merkin, 2 LBC, 3 Squats.  Originally called for 100 reps but was audibled to 50.  Way to mind the time, Tobit.

Olivander: 4 Corners around the soccer field.  10 Burpees, 20 Monkey Humpers, 30 LBC, 40 Merkins

Wilson: Mosey to curb for 2 (I think?) sets of step ups, and then Mosey to Basketball Courts for a COP.  There were WW2s, Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, v position holds and some other stuff.  YHC’s oxygen levels must have been depleting by this point.  Finish up with a Merkin Ring of fire: all plank, 10 reps one man at a time. Flair encouraged and enjoyed.  Finale was Wilson doing his 10 with 1 leg up, hopping and something with his other arm….a shoulder tap?  Need to see it again, and Open to suggestions on naming but if any of the PAX are coordinated and strong enough to try it in the future, I say we call it Wilsons.

Posh: Suicides on the basketball courts with 5 burpees at the mid point, 10 merkins at the far line and 5 more burpees at the end.  He decided not to make any friends and called for a repeat.  The PAX obliged but a a third repeat was deterred by a Wilson warning of…some kind.  Way to push us, Posh.

Mr. Roper: Triple Check of wall sits, dips and a run to the playground.  Unfortunately we only had time for one round…

…Or did we?

Rosie: 45 Seconds of Crunchy Frogs at the flag.

Announcements: CSAUP Oct 20.  Running laps on the hour at Forrest Hill Loop.  All are welcome, even if you don’t pull a TYA and run all day.  Just come do a few and hang out.  Rumblings of a beer version as well – See Honeydo on that.

Viral took us out.

NMS: It is a rare sight indeed to see an opening at No Toll that’s only a few days out.  Thinking a hot potato would be a good way to fill it in, YHC grabbed the Q.  These workouts offer maximum variety and get a lot of folks mixed into leading, a win-win.  Thanks for obliging, men, and letting me get us started.  We definitely put in some work, great job all!  If Tobit’s preview was any indication, be ready to work when he’s got the Q for the full 45 mins in 2 weeks.

Sugar Sock out.



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  1. We’d still be going on the Proper Dora if not for the audible down to 50. Haven’t been to NoToll in a long time, good to pick a day with no rain.

  2. Great work today. Glad I woke up and thanks for passing to me! Had fun. Posh – I wasn’t really gonna throw you in the trash can if you said repeat …… ok I might have tried. Way to push hard today fellas!

  3. Nice call on the hot potato Q this morning, Sugar Sock!

    Great work this morning fellas!

    And Posh…way to bring it!…time to get your name on the Q sheet.

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