Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oldie But Goodies on 2


10 studs entered the gloom for a beatdown that went a little like this:

Mosey to far side of front of AHS for COP.  Exercises included: LBCs, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Copperhead Squats.

Mosey to bus loop for bear crawl indian run, through the PAX twice.  Lunge indian run through the PAX twice.

Mosey to CMS BBALL courts for suicides.  Regular, Reverse, Burpee suicides.

Mosey to tennis courts fence for Chicken Pecker Ring of Fire.  Each PAX perform 5 CPs while the rest holds BTTW.

Mosey to AHS BBALL courts for 4 corners.  Corner 1 = 10 merkins.  Lunge to Corner 2 = 20 LBCs.  Backwards lunge to Corner 3 = 30 squats.  Lunge to Corner 4 = 40 Monkey Humpers. Backwards lunge to corner 1.

Mosey to AHS soccer field.  PAx splits in half and lines up 10 yds apart facing each other.  PAX bear crawls to center where the perform 5 Booyah merkins with PAX across frm them.  Crawl bear back to starting point.  Repeato at 20 yds and 40 yds.

Mosey to other side of field.  Run across field and perform 1 American Hammer.  Return and perform 2 burpees.  Repeato up to seven.

Mosey to edge of parking to grab a pole for pole smokers.  PAX hold six inches why PAX member performs 5 pole smokers and runs to end of line.  Repeato until all PAX have completed 5 pole smokers.

Indian Run the long way back into the AHS main parking lot.

Parking lot tracers and back to the VSF for Burpee Ring of Fire.

Numberama, Namearama, Opus took us out with a prayer.

Announcements – Crickets.

NMS : YHC was enjoying a couple of chilly pops last night while watching the RedSox (best team in baseball) beat the Phillies in 13 innings and YHC was pondering about what to include this morning.  YHC made the decision that the PAX would complete Old Glory this am.  Well, when YHC arrived at the AO at 0510, YHC went to plant the flag and discovered YHC had taken his Shovel Flag out of the Jeepster over the weekend. Can’t do Old Glory without Old Glory. Therefore, YHC decided we would move to the other end of the spectrum and instead of completing an out of the box beatdown, the PAX would perform a lot of YHCs favorite exercises.  Mission accomplished.  The PAX pushed through the humidity this morning and crushed everything.  Quiet group this am until after the suicides.  The must have got the blood flowing as the conversation shifted to Yadsale’s high school football days.  Yardsale mentioned that all of the plays had to be run on the 1 count, as they always jumped offside if the play was called on the 2 count.  There were many barbs about the academic prowess of Yardsale’s teammates.  It was great to have Swiper join us Davillians as the Summer AO tour continues.

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  1. A most excellent and horrible beatdown, CK! You kept the PAX guessing on your circuitous route this morning. Thanks for Q’ing.