Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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A PAX five strong posted for the most recent Punisher.  The rain held off for several hours before our start and we had a nice breeze.  After a few minutes of greetings in the LHES parking lot, we started a slow run to the school side yard for the startup COP with SSHs, IWs, DQs, LBCs, Helicopters, and Arm Circles.

We moved about 100 feet due north for Super 21.  We started with 1 Slight Wide Grip Merkin, 1 Reverse Curl, and 1 Squat and added one rep per round until we’d completed a final round of 21 reps.  We broke up the action after every 5 or so rounds with other exercises.  We moved to the nearby outdoor classroom for 11s with Dips and Box Cutters (can’t remember for sure so I’m going with this).

We jogged to the school wall and held People’s Chair while each PAX member jogged a loop from the wall and out, and around, nearby shrubs, and back.  We circled and finished with some Mary and stretching.  COT and YHC took us out.

Enjoyed meeting Kubota, Husky, and Sugar Sock.  Congrats to Kubota and Sugar Sock for nearing completion of F3RVA summer tour.  Good seeing you guys.


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  1. Husky and I enjoyed it at Punisher! Thanks for welcoming us and then beating us down, Chum! Nice to meet you, Sonny. I’ll be back soon(next Monday to be exact)

  2. Good to meet you too, Chum Bucket and Sonny, and thanks for the Northside hospitality. Ya’ll come on SOJ some morning, and I’ll try and make it back out to Punisher again too, perhaps after it cools off?
    Great ground and pound. When I’ve seen Super 21’s before, it was with 2 exercises…so of course 3 is better. Excellent call.