Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweet Musings of Rosco


A prime number of PAX headed out across the fields to the James River parking lot and got through 1 warmup exercise before 2 more showed up to make a perfect group for triple checks.  We rolled through a few other warmup exercises of YHC’s choice, mainly easy stretching exercises since 4 straight days of Qing has taken it’s toll on these old muscles and joints.  After that we moseyed past the pull up bars , across the paved field event areas, behind the stadium, over the stream and through the woods to Tire Town.  YHC noticed this area months ago on a run but haven’t had a Q that took me back there.  The PAX was treated to a plethora of tires of all sizes, monkey bars, dip/jerkin bars, pull up bar and a concrete wall.  Since we had perfect triple check numbers group up for triple checks – Round 1 – Tire Flips, Jerkins, Spotting; Round 2 – Run, tire flips, Monkey Bar crossing.  Everyone grabbed their own tire, flip across the field while 2 PAX rotated through 5 pull ups each – 2 rounds.  Once more across the monkey bars.  To the bus parking lot for a Touch a Bus Triple Check – Touch 4/5/6 buses, flutter kicks, lunges.  Roll back to the flag for a double ring of fire with Al Gore and planks.  There we were treated to the low slow tones of Rosco’s own improvised Twin Team version of Ring of Fire.  He crushed it, need to get him in front of a mike somewhere.

Great to finish out a stretch of 5 days of Q but really the backblasts, that may be the hardest part of Qing multiple days in a row.  Tire Town was great and we’ll be back, next time with a crow bar to pry the large tires from their rain induced suction to the ground.  I refuse to believe that they were too heavy for 3-4 of us to move.

Prayers for Fudd’s sister who is undergoing surgery today.

Amateur RAMM Gears next Friday 8/3 – let someone know if you need a bike.

Happy hour tonight a Wood and Iron.



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  1. The tire area is beast! Plenty to do there. And a random cinder block wall was put in the bank for a future beatdown. Always enjoy the givings of Rosco.

  2. Well, “Rosie Week” is over. Thanks for mixing it up this week and helping me get a total body workout and total body soreness! I’m glad to have followed you around. Great work this morning guys and glad to finally meet Roscoe! Also, the tires were fun. Have a great weekend all!

  3. Good Q Rosie – it was nice to mix it up a bit with the tires and monkey bars, it really makes the time fly! Happy Birthday – see you tonight!

  4. Great variety Rosie. Congratulations on reaching 40. Maybe I should team up with Wedding Singer….