Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Joining the Ranks of Silence


32 of RVA’s finest started rolling in early to see who would claim the ghost flag and also witness the end of what seemed like the never ending Hate for YHC.  YHC put out a few tweets and notes to try to drum up some numbers but apparently behind the scenes there was even more action.  Thanks for the effort Gumbo, with some help from my M.


10 burpees to start with 10 more every 15 minutes.  Mosey to the blacktop for some Abe Vigoda’s for the old man.  These might have even been a little slow for SAAB.  Crab Cakes, Mahkter N’Daiye’s, Dollies.

Line up on the long side of the field for 11’s with some extra math thrown in .  The new thing in RVA, whatchamacallits (merkin + 4 OH press) on one side of the field and Captain Thors on the other.  Both at a 4:1 ratio, start with 10:40 Captain Thors, ending with 10:40 WMC’s.  Upchuck was given the task of a 20 count and we think he hit all the numbers but no one can be sure. At least he hit the numbers in the teens which is more than I can say about the guys in Daville.  The randomness of that count will come back later to haunt the PAX.

Let Lab Rat know we are staying in the grass and he can keep his shoes off.  (Note to self, we need a shoeless day at NoToll)  Next up 40’s (lindsays) 30 bear crawl paces, 10 lunges – continue across the field and back to 10 BC, 30 lunges.

Back to the blacktop for some Rapid Random fun – not sure exactly what was done here but it started with Slow Freddie Mercuries and included some SSH, Diamond Merkins, 1-leg APDs and some other stuff.  All with no rest between and about as random and Upchuck’s count.

Back to the flags with the final 10 burpees on the way.


First off, welcome Pull Out sorry you had to leave early but that exit generated an excellent name, hopefully you’ll make it back out.  Tuckahoe claimed the Ghost Flag but after an audit of the PAX addresses and claims of regions it was a tie between Tuckahoe and SOJ.  YHC was feeling generous so Tuckahoe gets to take it home for a brief time.  Thanks to Lab Rat and Spit for representing DaVille.  Richmond Proper needs to step up their game, the flag shows up on their home turf and they are outnumbered. 🙁

At 5:20 when cars were rolling in YHC knew it was going to be a big crowd.  Plenty of chatter before 0530 but it got oddly quiet at 05:30:02 when the 10 burpees instruction was complete.  There was some mumblechatter out there in the circles but ever since a sinus and ear infection a couple weeks ago, or just general aging, YHC’s ears have been clogged.  Probably for the best since it was likely mostly jokes about getting old along with random stories from Lab Rat or pointed barbs from TYA.  Mahktar N’Daiye’s on the pavement may not have been the best plan but you don’t know unless you try, BT tried to commandeer the cadence and end it a little early.  There is no taking over from YHC, not as imposing as Swirly but focused nonetheless.

YHC normally does not like much fanfare around my birthday, I lay low spend time with my amazing M and family, get some good food and move on.  One  thing missing from previous years was a group that I enjoy as much this one.  Yes, there are some friends and neighbors that are non-F3 (don’t think I haven’t been headlocking them) that we hang out with but F3 is a different level of fellowship.  Something about the shared misery, new accomplishments and the gloom that keeps most of us coming back.  It’s not the easy thing to do but doing the easy thing does not make you better.  It’s great to get out in the morning and for 45 minutes just shut everything off and put in some work.  No better way to start the day, in my opinion at least.  I appreciate everyone coming out for my 40th and following me through my roughly 40 themed beatdown.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Ultimate Frisbee at Mary Munford tomorrow at 530 for anyone not running.

Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. Rosie Happy Birthday dude and great Q! You are the standard for F3 brother, appreciate your friendship and leadership!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well said Rosie ! Happy Birthday brother – good Q !
    Way to work guys – welcome Pull Out – (top 5 F3 Name )…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Have a good one Rosie. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Pull Out, solid!

    Open spots in F3 RVA Fantasy Football.


  4. Happy Birthday Rosie! I was sorry to miss this one – I’ll come experience the beatdown tomorrow!

  5. Happy 40th, Rosie! This was probably the easiest Q I have experienced with you this week. Just Kidding! Don’t kill me tomorrow at TT. I loved the rapid fire exercises we did today and yesterday. When you don’t have time to think in between, it makes you more productive.

    For all of the social media mumble chatter so far this morning about the ghost flag, I will make easy for all of the complainers. I, meaning Tuckahoe, will have it back out very soon. #teamwork Stay tuned!

    Also, great FNG naming this morning Splinter! Definite top 5! Now we need him to post again so we can hear him say it during a COT.

    Have a great day all!

  6. Happy Birthday old man. I’ll bring your pill box to you tomorrow at TT. Solid Q brother, as always.

  7. Happy Birthday Rosie
    Quite the beatdown, including the under-utilized non-warm-up COP. You put the P in it today brother! Great job.

  8. Big Tennessee on

    Great, Q, Rosie! Love having big crowds at Mary, especially for special occasions. Happy birthday, Brother!

  9. Sorry to miss your birthday Q Rosie. I did 40 Morraccan Night Clubs on the beach in your honor.

  10. Happy Birthday Rosie and great Q! Had the privilege of being at two of your Q’s this week. The soreness is for real!

    One of these days we will get the troops out from DaVille to challenge for that flag. It’s been away from home to long!

  11. Solid Q Rosie! 40 and enjoy. We have come along way, well kinda, since Heathland Terrace days. No doubt–there is something about getting it all out early in the morning to start our day. And yes, this group of men only makes it better…and young lady!
    Agreed…FNG ie Pull Out, is outstanding. Gotta hear that in the COT!!
    Never heard of an FNG leaving early.
    Shout out for 32 at Mary. Way to go boys!
    Loud and Proud

  12. Happy Birthday, Rosie! I’m glad I was able to attend the Birthday beatdown.

    Pull Out enjoyed today, I’m hoping he will come again.

  13. Happy birthday Rosie. Sorry to miss.

    Life is indeed better with our special brand of shared success.

  14. Happy birthday! Well done in the beat down. Thanks for the head’s up on leaving the fields.

    Point of note- Pullout made it back out today for done ULTIMATE and fully embraced his new name! True to form, he took off early to get to work. At least he said bye this time!

  15. Happy bday Rosie. Sorry to have missed this Q but not sorry to have missed the Burpee timer. Thanks to all the boys for showing up to welcome Rosie in to the silent years. See you fellas soon.