Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Track work at SOT


Early apologies to the other 6 PAX since YHC told my 2.0 Cliffhanger that if he posted we would get some running in.  With everyone deciding to stick around to see what type of running YHC had in store we were off to circle SOT.

Warmup in the bus loop with Arm Circles, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, and Flutter Kicks.

Mosey around the school and down the stairs to the track for a Rosco special.  9 minutes of running – laps around the track at your own pace until the Q says stop.

Regroup at the mini-bleachers for a random, rapid fire session of dips, incline merkins, Freddie Mercuries, SSH, Peter Parkers and reverse crunches.

Fantastic 400s – 10 merkins, run 100 m, 10 American Hammers, run 100m, 10 Plank Jacks, run 100m, 10 squats, run 100m.  Repeato with 20 of each, 30, then 40 – Total 1 mile, 100 of each exercise

Back to the flag with no time to spare.

DK was on fire this morning, for not running much recently he was rolling and kept up with the lead pack in the 9 minutes of running.  Apparently DK has been taking every opportunity to hit the links, based on what YHC saw from the car driving by yesterday he may need to keep at it.  Bag Phone and Digger admittedly do not enjoy running but were able to appreciate the benefits once the clock hit 615 and it was done, before that the enjoyment was in question.  Olivander is getting back into form with the boot camp exercises after months of strictly running.  Hopefully the Qs this week have been a good enough mix to keep Kubota’s muscle soreness moving around day to day.  Only one more day of Rosie Qs  for Kubota, unless you want to hit TT on Friday.  Love sharing F3 with Cliffhanger, it’s one thing to try to provide positive role model at home, it’s another when you can show your teenager what they look like around the City.  Thanks for showing him how it’s done men.


Ghost Flag at 45MOM tomorrow – #noexcuses.

Happy Hour Friday 5:30 at Wood and Iron on the Southside

Amateur Day II at RAMM Gears is August 3 – Pump up those tires and get ready


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  1. Another good Q, Rosie! The soreness is definitely moving around the body. Nice to meet Digger and to see Bag Phone again. Way to work Cliffhanger! I can’t skip Twin Team, Rosie. I have to make it 5 for 5 this week! Have a great evening all!

  2. Döner Kebab on

    This entire workout was punishing…hardest end to an F3 workout I can recall. Serious pain, dude. Happy birthday, I guess.

  3. Rosie< Sorry I missed SOT this week, I was in DC and have been recovering from an injury the last three weeks. I will be at TT Friday and I hope I can do more than watch from the sidelines!