Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Clear Skies For the Beatdown


5 RVA regulars and an out of town visitor sat in their cars for the light show until 0529 and jumped out to get the beatdown going.  As YHC contemplated what to do in case of lightning at an AO only visited once in the middle of the night the rain started to slow.


A few flashes took the warmup under the metal awning held up by metal posts, maybe not the best place but better than out in the open.  DQ, Helicopters, SSH, Alternating Shoulder Taps, LBC.

Mosey to the corner of the blacktop for Compounding Four Corners.

Round 1 – 5 merkins each corner; Round 2 – 5 merkins +10 Mountain Climbers in each corner; Round 3 – Do the others + 15 Squats; Round 4 – Add 20 2-ct Flutter Kicks; Round 5 – Add 20 1ct Freddie Mercuries; Round 6 – Add 15 Monkey Humpers; Round 7 – Add 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps; Round 8 – Add 5 merkins and do all the exercises together (somewhat in cadence).

Back to the flag for the COT.


An ominous start to the week as YHC woke up to lightning and thunder, wondering how many Tuckahoeans? and/or summer travelers would post.  There is a small awing that YHC planned to stay under if the lightning stuck around but it cleared up right after COP in time for us to push though the Compounding 4 corners.  Did not realize the 4 corners would take up the whole time, plus about 45 seconds, even with the PAX pushing hard and staying together for most of it.  Those extra 45 seconds are on me, no charge for overtime this week.  It was only 180 merkins, not 200, sorry Kubota, I thought it only felt like 175.

Welcome to RVA Papa Smurf from Sarasota, up visiting family.  He lived in RVA a few years ago but took on some F3 tourism today and crushed it, posting on Twitter before leaving the car.  He confirmed that Flashdance is alive and well in Florida and has jumped into F3 down there head first.  Swiper is getting into running mode flying around between corners.  Kubota will be following YHC around this week on the summer tour.  I apologize in advance for anything new that flops this week.  First flop, cadence with single count, and 2-ct exercises.

Thanks for coming out despite the threatening weather.


Prayers for Fudd’s sister as she heads into surgery later this week and grieves for her lost father-in-law.

RVA Ghostflag will be at 45MOM this week

Happy hour at Wood and Iron in Midlothian Friday at 5:30


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  1. There are a couple of reasons I am following Rosie around this week. One, he just happens to be Q’ing at every AO I need to go to this week for the challenge. Two, I don’t mind being led by a #HIM like Rosie, because he Q’d a freakin AO he had never even been to and it was in the lightening and rain and he subsequently beat us all down! Great job, Rosie! I going to make sure there are no repeats this week?. I’m sure I will be hearing your cadence in my sleep towards the end of the week!
    Prays up to you, your sister and her family, Fudd.
    Way to work this morning guys and glad to have Papa Smurf with us.
    Have a great Monday all!

  2. Way to beat us down, Rosie I’m hurting!! Papa Smurf, thanks so much for coming out to Hoedown!

    We are all thinking about your sister Fudd, and will keep the whole family in our prayers…

  3. Nice work men thanks for showing my Sarasota pax the RVA flair!!!

    Miss you guys any word on Hardywood’s baby?