Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

…And the Creek Don’t Rise


Four intrepid Pax fought lightning, zero visibility, and torrential downpours to make it to Tomato Run.  Once to the AO, the rain held back for perfect running conditions.  We went through King’s Charter and picked up some trails returning us to the AO.  Mudface defied lightning and science to ruck with a pack full of steel plates.

YHC took us out.

While the entire drive up 301 was washed out and zero visibility, the last quarter mile next to the construction was the most hazardous.  Driving along the jersey wall with the train on the other side, there was a nice cross current of flow coming through the wall.  Then you come to the deep water which was akin to a river crossing.  In the end, cars and SUVs made it through, though a longer, but dry, route was elected for the return trip south.

It was a great day for a run after the storm.  We had the subdivision to ourselves joined only by a few rabbits, and a frog or two.  We got to experience the rising creeks when traversing the trails, evidence of all the runoff from the recent deluge.

Thanks to Mudface and Phonics for showing us around and ensuring we weren’t the only ones posting on such a day.

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  1. Enjoyed the run this morning. Thank you Lockjaw and Offshore for making the drive this morning. Probably a good call to take the long way back south.