Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

FHP loops


A Lucky seven ? trail runners engaged in CSAUP scouting and training today at Sunday Funday. YHC arrived at the pump house 15 minutes early (on time) and was followed immediately by Sugar and then Saab. Saab informed us that TYA was running Forest Hill Park loops and that he was headed out Buttermilk a little early to do the same. After the rest of the Pax arrived we followed their lead and ran BM to FHP and back for about 7. TYA did 3 loops for around 11. Saab logged around 10. Sally the dog joined us and we saw another (Mustang) Sally on the trails.

The main group did some running, some walking, some talking and had a good time.  We got off the trail around the time it started to rain.  Sugar Sock took us out.  YHC wasn’t planning on going to ETs but Lab Rat texted his M from my phone and then said “see you there” so I figured I could change my plans, which were lame anyway.  Glad I went.

Good times guys



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  1. Good times all around.
    Except for the last 0.25 mi of the trail…
    Offshore, thanks for hanging back at the end when whatever the heck it is that happens to my feet towards the end of these trail runs, happened again. Like a hammer to the ball of your foot. Ugh.

  2. Nicely stated all-around Shake….I was very pleased to have not only run into the PAX during my second loop, but accompany you fellas as we all headed back….nice scenery all around.

  3. Glad you went to ET’s, it was awesome to have some of the old gang back together (Im looking at you, TYA and Saab).

    The M said you are a nice boy, Shakes…she enjoyed texting with you. Keep it on the up and up though…