Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sharks and Minnows and Kudzu Diving


Thirty Puppy Pilers posted today with the great surprise of no rain. Off we went. Kubota and Husky started the festivities:

Helicopters / DQs / SSHs / WWIIs / Merkins – mosey to Carillon Field. Tunnel of love relay. Dads v kids (somewhat of a theme today). Dads dominated!!! Mosey further down the field for an F3 favorite – tug ‘o war. Kids v kids. Kids won!!! Repeato. Kids won again. Great effort. Dads got in on the action. Not sure which team won, but it wasn’t the team YHC was on. We got owned.

Mosey to field by amphitheater for Loose Goose, Freestyle and Solo Q: Sharks and Minnows. YHC and several other F3 dads quickly recognized this as a game that will be played during regular workouts. Tons of fun here. Pikachu hurt his wrist, but he’s a warrior, and will be back out next time. 3 rounds then mosey back over to Carillon Field.

YHC and Sharkbait brought it home. Duck, Duck, Goose F3 Style. American Hammers while we play. Tons of fun here. YHC took on Hardywood and lived to tell about it, barely. Time for crab soccer. Kids v dads. First round, kids 8 and under can stand. Everyone else, on the ground. Second round, kids 11 and under can stand. Final round, all kids can stand. Dads dominate, once again.

Back to the flag. Circle up. Merkins for your age.


Tons of fun today guys and gals. Highlights: Kids loved tug ‘o war. Dads were right there cheering them on. Always a great event. Sharks and Minnows was an absolute blast! Hardywood is crazy, unless diving head first into 4 feet deep kudzu and poison ivy in order to avoid a tag is normal. Nancy Drew started us off with Duck, Duck, Goose and even at 5 years young, appreciates irony as she went straight for Loose Goose. Back to Hardywood who is also a crab soccer aficionado. His bicycle kick skills were too good, as he pelted his own 2.0 in the face. We named her Xena, but her nickname nickname is Spalding, in honor of today’s lasting memory. She’s a trooper and a warrior. And if you think Handshake’s cherry picking skills don’t transfer sports, you’re wrong. He cherry picked with the best of them in crab soccer. A few goals resulted.

(Kickboard wanted to be named Missy Franklin. Beans failed to explain to her the naming rules. That said, YHC wanted to find something that would play nice, so we are going with Kickboard. Life lessons can be tough some times).

Just another awesome day with friends and family. Thanks for joining us. Hope y’all had fun.


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  1. Lots of fun while Husky and I were there! Thanks for taking over Goose and Vinny when I had to leave early to go to work. Tug o war was as fun as always! Kudzu is a beast! Dory is funny! Nancy Drew made me laugh a lot! Phonics is fast! Great job to all the 2.0’s and their Dads for the way they raise them. Husky and I were honored to be out there with you all! Have a great weekend all!

  2. Let’s try to get one more PuppyPile in before school starts! August 18 or 25? Who wants to step up and Q? Thanks!

  3. Great time this morning, fellas!

    Despite getting injured, Pikachu had a blast. Looks like he’s got a sprained wrist…but nothing severe.

  4. Glad to be with y’all this morning.

    Anyone with recommendations on how to get a 5 year old to stop being shy I am all ears.

  5. Great Q fellas and welcome to all the new FNGs. Hope to see everyone back out soon. Spaulding/Xena is recovering nicely.

  6. Great job this morning Kubota, Goose, and ,Vinny! Sharks and minnows was a terrific idea and quite a workout. I tried but was unable to run past Fudd or his son.

    For shyness Handshake, all you need is time. Within a year, he might be leading the Pax.

    Announcement:. Amateur Bike Ride at RAMM Gears on Friday, August 3.

  7. Not sure I’ve ever had more fun at an F3 workout. Today was a blast fellas! Tclaps to Kubota, Vinny, and Loose Goose for leading. The kids did awesome and looked like they were having lots of fun as well.