Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Keep it Simple Stupid


Warm Up:  20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 LBC’s, 20 Hillbillies, 20 Hellicopers, Arm Circles, 15 Heels to Heaven, 20 Invisible Jump Ropes and 20 American Hammers

Escalating 4 Corners of Church: Run to first corner – 5 burpees, run to next corner – 5 American Hammers, run to next corner – 5 Merkins, run to pavillion – 5 skull crushers each side.  Pause until the PAC catches up by doing planks.  Next do 10 of each, 15 of each, 10 of each and finish up with 5 of each.

11’s:  start with 10 heels to heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, complete 1 LBC, grapevine across the parking log and continue with 9-2, 8-3, etc…..  Cut a little short due to time constraints.

Mosey back to the flag.  Numberama, Namerama.  Anouncements – Kid Friendly workout Saturday morning at 7:05.  Emoji took us out with a prayer.

I’d like to welcome 2 visitors today, Kubota and Shake Down.  I didn’t hear much muble chatter this morning but maybe it was because I was at or near the rear most of the time.  Thank you to Spit and Wheelie for planking everyone up until we slower members caught up. Have a great weekend men.



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  1. Great fun this morning and nice Q, Yard Sale! It’s a heck of a drive from Tuckahoe to The Creek early in the gloom, but I am glad to have been there and met new PAX brothers! Way to work Spike and Spit. You were out front all morning. I don’t believe I have ever gone 5 rounds of 4 corners before, but it was fun! Have a great weekend all!

  2. Great Q Yard Sale! I thought we would “slow things down” after 5 rounds of four corners but no! The 11’s no joke with those bear crawls.

    Glad to have you join us Shakdown and Kubota! Shakedown the #bigdata included you. You must already have a alias with the space.

    Welcome back Circle K!