Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



5 brave posts to Heartbreak Ridge for a Garbage Plate VQ this morning.  Those with kids know how much time you spend just moving stuff around (MSA) the house.  Today was MSA Heartbreak Ridge.

The pax warmed up with 15 x SSH, 10 x HC, JL, merkins.  MSA kicked off passing a pile of bricks down the pax line while doing squats.  First person goes to end of the line after passing all the bricks and the pattern continues in true Native American style.   After about 90 brick squats each, mosey to the retaining wall for 30 x dips & donkey kicks.

Next on to triple check MSA with monkey humpers, flutter kicks and a run to retrieve a book from the Quioccasin little free library.   After emptying the little free library and finishing the triple check, group MSA books back into the library.  Pax left the library better than we found it and added two books.   That’s just what we do at Heartbreak Ridge.

Mosey to choose your own adventure on the far side of the school – each could travel the length of the bus lane doing either 23 x burpies, 46 x squat jumps, or 60 x merkins.  Followed up with 30 inclined WWII’s with a partner on Heartbreak Hill.   Traversed to a bear crawl beast on the upper basketball courts with 6xSSH’s at each stop.  Finally made our way to the track & wrapped up a MSA morning by transporting 105 golf balls from the bottom to the top of Heartbreak Ridge, carrying 1x forward or 2x Bernie style.

Great morning – super humid.  Well done by all.  Thx to Mr Holland for a brief cameo ~6:20.



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  1. Nice VQ, Garbage plate! You led like a pro! A lot of leg burn this morning. Nice to get out to Heartbreak and see and talk to different PAX like Attila. Have a great day all!

  2. Congrats on the VQ, Garbage Plate. I hate to miss a VQ, especially one that involves golf balls. Sounds like you beat them down good.