Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Day We Touched ‘Em All


Eleven, yes, 11 F3 RVA All-Stars showed up to Batteau Stadium for a beatdown and some baseball. Batter up:

Mosey to outfield for COP: Helicopters x 10 / Willie Mays Hayes x 9 / LBCs x 10 / Scorpion Kicks x 9.

First Base: Cleveland Indians Run around the outfield. One of the hilliest outfields in the bigs according to Swirly, and YHC agrees.

Second Base: Touch ’em all: 1st base – 10 burpees / 2nd base – 20 merkins / 3rd base – 25 American Hammers (2-count) / Home Plate – 30 WWIIs. Run to 1st. Exercise. Back to Home Plate – 1 burpee. Run to 1st base. Exercise. Run to 2nd base. Exercise. Repeat until you touch ’em all. Finish at Home Plate. 5 burpees at each bag back reverso, ’rounding the bases. Finish back at home plate.

Third Base: 12 minutes of Pain (make that 11): 1st base – hold six inches for 3 minutes. Crabwalk to 2nd base. Hold elbow plank for 3 minutes. Lunges to 3rd base. Due to time constraints, YHC shook off the pitch and went with SSHs for 2 minutes. Backwards Lunges to Home Plate. Arm claps for 3 minutes. Sounds easy. Not so much.

Home Plate: Time to give the boys a break. Whiffle Ball – F3 Style! 5 pitches for each batter. After 5th pitch, batter calls a 1-5 exercise. WWIIs, Burpees, Dying Cockroaches, Knuckle Merkins, HR Merkins, and others were called.

Back to the Dugout (Flag).

Announcements: Puppy Pile this Saturday at 7:05


YHC is proud to celebrate two milestones today. First and foremost, my son, Shark Bait, turns 8. The greatest gift I’ve ever received is him. He teaches me so much everyday. Happiness, gratitude, understanding, and much, much more. Love you buddy! Also, YHC posted for the 100th time today. Looking back on day one, and thinking about how far I’ve come physically and spiritually in such a short period of time is awesome! Thanks to each and every one of you for playing a role. YHC could not have done it without you.

I think F3 workouts are best summarized as butt kicking workouts with fun sprinkled in. That was my goal for today. Hope y’all enjoyed the time. I know and I did. Thanks for letting me lead today.



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  1. Great Q, Vinny and glad you are a big part of F3RVA! Congrats on probably one of the quickest PAX members to get to 100 posts in recent memory. Arm claps are no joke. What was the final number of Burpees? Those whiffle balls had a few dents in them. Thanks for the smoker you hit on the last at bat that slapped my bicep, Vinny! Happy Birthday to Shark Bait and to Sugar Sock! Have a great Monday all!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Congrats on the Hundo Vinny – very Swirlyesk ….. I like it !! Great Q too man..
    Way to work guys. Loved seeing everyone out at Batteau
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Nice Q – definitely a monster with the extended burpees and the arm claps. I challenge anyone to do those for 2 minutes (or 3). So much for easing me back to F3 after vacation!

    100…seems like yesterday you started.

  4. Welcome to the Century Club Vinny. Great Q, enjoyed pitching a few wiffle balls. I’m working on breathing through my eyelids to pitch better.
    I was hoping to get a tour of the AO and experience the rocks or steps but I guess I’ll just have to come back another time.

  5. So sorry to miss this. Welcome to the century club, Vinny. You got there really fast.
    And happy bday to shark bait. I hear dudes born on July 16 are seriously awesome. Ha.

  6. Two billion burpees – unofficial. Hope my whiffle ball prowess didn’t set back your recovery! 🙂

  7. Eyelid breathing is uber skill level. Keep plugging away, you’ll get it. Come back and see us soon, we’ll give you the full tour.

  8. I have a sizeable welt on my left hand, thanks to your whiffle ball prowess. Started 2/24/18 so yes, yesterday. 🙂

  9. Congrats Vinny. Way to bring the pain and way to fully commit to F3. We are all lucky to have you. So sorry to miss Batteau this morning. Love to see those double digits! Have a great day fellas!!

  10. Apologies on the welt. DIdn’t realize I could hit it that hard. Must be having a renaissance in my 40s.

    How about Rosie with the Chin Music? Brother throws an inside heater…

  11. You hit 2 bombs off my boy Gumbo and almost took out one of my favorite trees at Huguenot Little League. Had to keep you honest.

  12. TYA suggested HammerNutrition tablets a while back. He said they were salt or flaxseed oil or something. Said they would help me get stronger and recover quickly.

    Just between us…my head has grown 1/2 in and my shoe size is up 2 sizes since I started taking them. You think I should check with a doctor?

  13. Congrats Vinny! It’s awesome to turn an old aquaintence into a new friend. You’ve helped get and keep me motivated.

    Happy Birthday to Shark Bait and Sugar Sock!

  14. Brother, without your invite and introduction, none of this would’ve been possible. I can’t thank you enough. It’s been an absolute blast!

  15. Happy birthday Shark Bait and congrats on 100 Vinny. I’m not sure if anyone has recently jumped into F3RVA headfirst and 100% more than you. Great having you out there.

    Solid beatdown, and of course I love the theme. Sorry I missed it. Well done!

  16. Great workout Vinny, my arms are still sore! Glad you’ve made it to 100, here’s to 1000!

  17. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 🙂 Thanks brother. Can’t wait to have you back out.