Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shady cardplay


Four posted for the second Punisher of July 2018 and we went at it like so:

Jog two loops of the front parking lot, then startup COP with 25 x SSHs, 15 x IWs, DQs, Helicopters, and Hello Dollys, and 10 x Arm Circles – big only, forward then reverse.

Mosey to the shade of the school yard for Deck of Death with Squats, Slight Closegrip Merkins, Box Cutters, and Plank Jacks for each of the four suits – completing a corresponding rep number for each card ranging from 2 to 14 (Aces) and Jokers meant 10 Burpees.  Worked out taking turns flipping cards and moseying to the painted storage unit and back to position between rounds.

Finished with some Mary, stretching, and a COT.

Good seeing Splinter at Punisher.  Welcome back Tricycle.



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