Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s the Q?


6 Sunday stallions posted for a 7:00 trail run. Everyone kept asking “Shakedown, which way are we going? What’s the route?”  YHC was not aware his name was on the Q sheet but since it was we went North to South to maximize time with Saab before he left our group (with Oli in tow) to add  the FHP loop for 10. The rest of us did 7. Good fun as always. Good conversation. Various levels of bonkedness towards the end but we all finished.

Three of us had dogs and kids to attend to so we circled up before the longer runners were back.

Puppy pile next week. Tour continues, CSAUP coming in October, lots of biking going on these days, no Reese Strong this year.

YHC took us out

Peace, love, and chicken grease to all – enjoy your day gents.

Some pool hanging going on in Brighton Green at 2:00 to celebrate Sugar Socks Birthday. Come hang and we can get you a guest pass.



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  1. Great to run with you all. Ollie put me on a killler pace after FHP…thanks for pushing me buddy.

    Thanks for not mentioning my spill. Went through a box of band aids when I got home. My perfect record on the RVA trails is no mas….

    Peace guys.