Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettlebell Dora (Extended)


Seven of the faithful showed up at CircusMaximus this morning with kettlebells in hand. Johnsonville (YHC) took Q, and this is what went down more or less:

COP (warmup):
10x BOYO
20x SSH
10x cherry pickers
20x LBC
10x IWs
Fairly lengthy sequence of arm circles

KB carry to front of school for KB Dora (Extended) — the first partner does the appointed exercise, the second runs down bus drive to fire hydrant (about 60 yards), does 1 BOYO, runs back replacing the first partner and continuing count. The first partner repeats the run. Rinse and repeat until designated count is reached.

50x merkin row (always makes me think of Toga)
100x sit and kb press
150x goblet squat
200x kb swing
250x skull crusher (but, for this one, in lieu of running, non-exercising partner bear crawled up wheelchair ramp, touched door and crawled back to start)

KB carry back to VSF. COT with YHC taking us out.

We were thrilled to have Sugar Sock and Hardywood (who normally post at 45MOM) come out and see what we are up to out in the far reaches of F3RVA. The summer AO challenge has been great. There was not much downtime in the workout for mumble chatter, and men worked very hard to get through this one. Great job! Johnsonville


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  1. 250 Skullcrushers was just ridiculous. Loved seeing the pairing of Hardywood and White Deer. Unbridled positivity and crabby old man working together.

  2. Thanks for leading, JVille – Great Q. I am thoroughly smoked.
    Enjoyed meeting some more members of the RVA PAX and partnering up with Atilla, way to push and I hope that shoulder heals up quick.

  3. Nice having some of the Boys from 45MOM to spice it up.
    J’Ville You should have turned up the heat… a little
    Damn looks like Honey Sock could be a contender in a bear crawl race

    Honey DO – Better get your Hardwood on today, you could end up an old BLUE (Diamond) crab!

  4. Great Q JVille and thanks for having us. I am totally thrashed and the bear crawls as the recovery exercise during the 250 Skull Crushers may be some of the harder ones I’ve done. I don’t know what you are talking about crabby old man. White Deer gave compliments on my shorts, how big Sugar Socks kettle bell was and how JVille definitely did not need a bra. Seriously good times.