Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato for Three


A PAX of 3 made it out to Timberwolf, including 1 stamping his Summer Challenge Passport.

With no Q on the signup sheet, YHC took the Q and the beatdown went something like this:

Mosey to front of school for COP: SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Bob & Weaves, LBCs, Crunchy Frogs

Mosey around to back of school, grab a piece of wall: 10 donkey kicks, 5 wall walkers + stand inbetween, 15 donkey kicks

Mosey to tennis court: Tennis Court Tracers across 3 courts, bear crawl to other side, reapeat-o on other side

Hardwicke Box: broad jump forward, shuffle to the right a few paces, broad jump backward, shuffle to the left for a few paces….for 2 minutes

Mosey down to track – run 1 lap

Q passed to Wedding Singer

Quick Mary: flutter kicks, box cutters

Mosey back up to school: Deconstructed Burpee Perimeter Run: at each major corner of perimeter of school perform either: 2 merkins, 2 squats, or 2 burpees

Q passed to Bag Phone

Suicides: forwards, forwards + backwards, karaoke

Q passed back to YHC

Mosey back to VSF for Mary: Rosalitas, Protractor

COT – Singer took us out


Lots of discussion this morning regarding golf…and Wedding Singer’s golf game…and what brought Wedding Singer to Christopher Newport University from Maine. Still, given the discourse, we packed a lot of exercises in…and gave Bag Phone his first opportunity to lead a few exercises

Kudos to Bag Phone for consistent attendance since he first posted 5-6 weeks ago.

It’s a big AO….we stayed mostly flat today.

No sign of New Market….shock factor: 0


Puppy Pile a week from Saturday


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