Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slow and Dirty McDeuce


A mighty 7 attacked the gloom of SOT for a form focused beatdown.  As the Garmin synched satellite watch clicked over to 0530 6 stood ready to hit the road when Rosco rolled in to make the dreaded odd number of 7.  No matter today, YHC did not have any planned partner or group work.

Mosey over to the bus parking area for a warm up of SSH, DQ, Helicopters, Hillbilles (for Jville), Alternating Shoulder Taps, LBCs.

Short Mosey to the sidewalk for form focus instructions.  8 Count hand release burpees x 5, Slow deep lunges 10 each leg, Slow big Flutter kicks x 10

Mosey around the school and down to the track for Dirty McDeuce.  Round 1 – Hand release merkins x 12, Deep Copperhead Squats x 12, Slow Freddie Mercuries x 12, Run a lap; Round 2 – Diamond merkins x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12, Crunchy Frogs, Run a lap; Round 3 – T Merkins (raise 1 hand to form a T after each merkin) x 12, Dollies x 12, Reverse Lunge x 12, Run a lap; Round 4 – Wide Grip merkins x 12, Imperial Squat Walkers x 12, Heels to Heaven x 12

Mosey to the bottom of the hill for more Mary – Rosalitas, Reverse Crunches, American Hammers.  5 slow 8-count burpees.  Back up the hill to the flag.

Numbers/Names/COT – Prayers for Mr. Roper’s extended family, he lost an uncle yesterday and a cousin recently and that family is grieving.

Great work today men.  Great to see Bag Phone and Digger as SOJ regulars.  Rosco fought through some rough knee pain, he realized he can no longer keep up with the young crowd on the basketball court and old bodies do not heal as quickly as younger ones.  Johnsonville’s first trip to the new SOT worked out well he pushed hard and blew past YHC in the homestretch of the last DM lap.  Tobit crushed the laps as is becoming usual, YHC tried to slow him down by engaging in conversation but couldn’t keep it up for too long.

Slow and full range movements can be much harder than high volumes.  A pleasure to lead these fine men to start of this Wednesday morning.



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  1. Nicely done Rosie; I appreciated the slow form, especially today. It was good to get back even if I had a gimpy leg. Hopefully I will recover sometime soon. Getting old is not fun.

  2. Enjoyed it, Rosie! Nice focus on form…never really paid much attention to the steps of a burpee until today.

    As soon as your legs recover from that 50K (much respect, by the way), you’ll be back to smoking the laps in typical Rosie fashion.

  3. Hate to miss a McDeuce, but I have to say the scenery out here in Arches National Park is WAY better! Been getting my miles in – just of the hiking variety lately. F3 bear crawls came in handy today on the Delicate Arch hike to get up to a tricky rock location.

    see you guys soon.

    Mr. Roper – sending lots of love and thoughts and prayers to your family man. Sorry to hear about your Uncle and cousin.