Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cones make corners


6 men and one 2.0 (almost as big as the men) roused themselves to post to a KB workout.  Here’s how YHC remembers it.


SSH, Merkins, arm circles (small and big), LBC’s, helicopters and shoulder taps.

Mosey around the back of the school to the track.

YHC marked out a rectangle with cones for 4 corners.  Alternate farmer carry with lunges, 10 KB swings, next corner, 20 Goblet squats, next corner, 30 situp presses, last corner, 40 lawnmowers (20 each arm).  Cycle through one more time, reverse the numbers, you end up  doing 50 of each exercise.

Mosey to pick up loop for 11’s.

Halos, lunge to opposite curb, do flutter kicks while pressing KB up.  These took  a little explanation.

Mosey to SF, 20 shoulder presses, 20 calf raises with KB, 20 good mornings, 20 snatches.  Repeat with sets of 10.

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


The last time YHC did four corners at MANNdate much grief was given that “It’s an oval, it can’t be four corners!”  In vain YHC tried to fix the (PAX’s) problem by placing cones in a rectangle.  Sadly, PAX still followed the oval track shape, but at least there was less mumblechatter about shapes.  Wedding Singer set the pace and crushed it.

The PAX seemed to like what YHC is calling Flutter kick Presses, and it did seem to make the flutter kicks a bit easier.  There was some mumblechatter at the end that YHC’s watch was running slow–YHC disagrees.

Thanks to Wedding Singer, Hardywood and Shakedown for making the journey, it was great getting to know you better.  Good luck with your impending 2.0, Hardywood!

Announcements: Puppy Pile on 7/21

Thanks for letting me lead, and as usual I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Great Q No Idea! Those Fuller Kick Presses were a lot fun. Great to have some SOJ guys with us today. Good luck on the rest of your summer tour!

  2. No problem, Shakedown. My cadence was shaky this morning! It’s probably Mudface’s fault…