Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wishing I Was … Knee Deep In the Water Somewhere…


Six strong posted at Batteau today.  Three or so fresh off of vacation. No more asses in the sand. Time to shake off the crab legs, ice cream and cold beers. YHC started us off.

COP:  Helicpoters / DQs / Imperial Walkers / LBCs / Dying Coachroaches – ALL X 10

THANG: Introduce the Batteau PAX to Windsor Farms Do Si Dos.  Partner up. Two sets of 10 each. Nex up, Whatchamacallits.  Those who posted Gridiron on Saturday were introduced to these by our guest Q from Louisville. I think he called them Jack Whites, but even he wasn’t sure if that was correct, or why they were called that. YHC has taken it upon himself to rename them. They are completely underrated, and pack a nice punch. Just like the candy bar we all loved as a kid. 1 merkin / 4 air presses. 2 merkins / 8 air presses. Sounds easy. It ain’t.  Repeat the ladder until you hit 10 Merkins / 40 air presses. I don’t know about the rest of the PAX, but shaving and hair shampooing weren’t completed with their normal ease this morning. YHC passed to Swirly.

Mosey to rusty cage. 5 pull-ups / 20 dips x 3 sets. Mosey a bit more to picnic tables. 20 step ups (10 each leg) / 10 incline merkins x 3 sets. Pass to Flange. Mosey to tennis courts. Partner up. Bear crawl across tennis courts; sprint back. Partner collect 100 donkey kicks, 150 SSHs, 200 LBCs. Mosey to COT area for 15 minutes of pain. More bear crawls. More merkins. Bear craw across COT yard, 1 decline merkin. Run back. Repeato to 11. Flange called and audible after 10. PAX runs the large loop then back for Mary. Cherry Pickers (20, YHC thinks),  flutter kicks, Flange takes requests. Crossroads serves up V-ups. 10 or so, Flange lost his voice during counting. Easy to do at that point.

YHC took us out.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Puppy Pile 7/21:

Moleskin: YHC was excited to show the boys Windsor Farms Do Si Dos and Whatchamacallits. As expected, the PAX thought the latter would be easy. As predicted, the PAX fessed up that they weren’t. Great seeing everyone back in the gloom. If you are going to come off of vacation on a Monday, today’s 57 and sunny was a great way to do it. Nice to have Crossroads out with us. Interject some of that young blood.

Have a great week men!


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  1. Was going to share the Whatchamacallits with the guys at Hoedown but was a little short on time. They’ll get a taste soon enough.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys – Thanks for writing up the BB Vinny.
    Yea Whatchamacallits – are no joke !
    Flange crushed us with the bear crawl beatdown…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. A beat down after an over-indulging vacation is difficult, but also satisfying. Way to crush it, men! I have to admit the air presses had me fooled…good thing I shaved last night and I don’t have much hair to wash! As I told Sippy, always better to start with a large number and audible from there…a little over anxious on the bear crawls this morning.
    Sorry, for the miscues on counting…the V ups were difficult to count out.

  4. Flange, what a total beatdown worth of bear crawls today. Made it hard for me keep track of all the Mary exercises and counts. By then I was cashed. Well done!

  5. Great to see the familiar logo in the comments reminding all to see him in the gloom…

  6. Flange,

    Good lead on the bear crawls. I was certainly dreading things going into the last few reps but was able to do them. It was good to be pushed.

  7. No swimming next to a pier infested w sharks, Vinny??

    Nice job guys, I am w you on the difficult reentry today from vacay….ouch

  8. Ha! Not this time. Next year maybe our numbers will grow at our down range holiday convergence.