Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Smoke on the Water


A magnificent 7 opted for some running as a way to enjoy this unseasonably cooler weather.

We headed down to Robious Park where we picked up the trail for the next 30 minutes and then headed back up to the VSF.

Sugar Sock took us out.


With this crew there is always a fair amount of mumble chatter.  We stayed together as a group until a few made some diversions along the way.  Ample discussion of upcoming brewing opportunities as well as progress on the summer tour.

The first few minutes on the trails reminded YHC of Ragnar.  Trails in the dark is an entirely differently feel.  The crew teams were the only ones sharing this morning with us as the waters were flat and enshrouded in a deep fog.


  • YHC has a combined HDHH and hill run Q on 7/18.  New location information will be available soon via pre-blast.
  • Puppypile on 7/21 – Bring those 2.0s
  • Summer Paddling Session continues with next put in this Friday or over the weekend.  Sounds like we have a few interested.  Let YHC know.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Between the company and the cool conditions, that run was over before I knew it. Gorgeous morning for a run. Nice to see Lockjaw, Labrat, and Honeydo make the trip south, Hardywood stamp his passport in the western territories again, DK out on his first run since February ( I think he said?) and Rosie back out on his feet after the ultra.
    Somehow, while talking beer and brewing with Labrat, I glanced down at my phone and saw that we were around the 3 mile mark after what seemed like five minutes. I love beer, apparently.

  2. What a perfect morning for a run. Kinda a. Felt like BRR with the chill in the air and fog.

  3. Just the pace and weather I needed to get back out there. Good choice Lockjaw, the RiverRun regulars have been talking about a trail run but hadn’t hit it yet.

  4. Döner Kebab on

    Great pace for knocking the dust off the running legs. Great Q, Lockjaw. Yup…hadn’t run since Feb or March…and before that it was probably the BRR 2016. I fear commitment apparently.

  5. Wheelbarrow on

    Sorry to have missed…seems like it was a great morning for a trail run!

  6. Great morning, and great conversation. Wish I could have finished strong, but sometimes you just have an off day.

    Ultimate frisbee tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge!