Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Audible Monday


Ten of the region’s finest assembled in the waning crescent for a hot potato Q.  With the regulars gone, Hoedown is turning into a regular “who want’s it” staredown.  YHC took control this morning before passing the potato.  Mosey to the black top ocean for COP that went something like this:

SSH – 25
DQ – 10
MC – 20
LBC – 20
Arm Circles – 15 each way
Mosey back to the drop off loop just as Flipper arrives.

The Thang
Start off with Dora, the traditional way, not the proper way.  Partner 1 runs around the loop while partner 2 does an exercise on the hill.  Exercises were 100 incline (feet up the hill) WWIIs, 200 clockwork merkins (50 at noon, 3, 6, and 9), 300 single count lunges.

Pass the potato to Slurpee who took us down Lindsay.  Modified polar bear back up the hill.  Seven stride bear crawl followed by 7 merkins.  I’ll call this the Slurpee Bear.  Repeat until you get to the 6th car then partner up and partner carry up the hill and back down to the bottom.  50 jump squats then sprint back to the VSF.

EF Hutton took charge for mary, teasing us with something special he has been working on.  Alas, that will have to wait.  Mary included Freddie Mercuries, six inches, Wilson’s spaghetti party (two ways) then a ring of fire.

Numberama, namerama, then Flip dog properly took us out.

Today was the day of audibles, lots of ideas that required modification.  YHC took two of those honors, first with the attempted incline WWIIs.  That was a complete disaster.  Audible to flat WWIIs.  The second audible of the day was cutting 300 lunges down to 200.  YHC was getting bored.

Slurpee continued Audible Monday with two audibles of his own.  The Slurpee Bear was a pure smoker.  Third audible was to lunge as necessary.  Fourth audible was to only go 3 cars instead of the full 6.  I imagine this seemed like a good idea in his head.  Note to the PAX, careful calling on Slurpee during a hot potato.

The PAX wasn’t very creative during COT when naming our FNG.  Ponch did a good job providing background but nothing juicy stood out.  We tried the first concert (Travis Tritt), after which the PAX stood at each other trying to pull a Travis Tritt song.  Flipper finally pulled Trouble.  Sabotage indicated the FNG was light on his feet running up the hill, which prompted Twinkle Toes.  No one was excited about it but we rolled with it as there were no other creative options.  While driving home, YHC noticed that the license plate for our FNG was “JZY JFF”.  After a post workout conference with the Qs and Flipper, we settled on Carlton.  Ponch, let your boy know he is now Carlton not Twinkle Toes.  You are welcome.

Ring of fire with dealer’s choice merkins was a sight.  Especially Two Can demonstrating proper hand clap merkins.  Boy can get off the ground.

Well done all.  See everyone soon.

Splinter out.



  1. Can’t hear that song without thinking of a scene in the classic Pauly Shore film, Son In Law. A must see for Kelly Kapowski fans.

  2. I’ve got to know more about the origin of license plate. Naming possibilities were endless.

  3. Anthony Haverly on

    Gents, Thanks for the good beatdown. I’m glad we allow for some flexibility in how much pain we self inflict on ourselves.

    Welcome to the team Carlton!

  4. Well done Splinter and EF Hutton, and welcome Carlton! Way to work guys, also enjoyed the Dora teamwork Flipdog!