Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dogpile is the Hardest Workout in RVA….to Understand


Last nights rains moved out and took all the humidity with, leaving this morning’s sunrise to a glorious 70 and sunny…..best feeling day in a long while!  What better way to greet the day than with an hour of play time outside!  24 warriors did just that.

I promised TYA that if he came this morning, we would run a mile to start it off.  This caused some confusion for the under-caffeinated pax, as they put it in autopilot and headed for the carillon.  Shakedown about had a head on collision, but quickly straightened it out and we made our way around the long way.  A quick COP to loosen up and we were off.

First stop was to do some partner chicken peckers.  These are an exercise introduced from the gym(nastics).  My 2.0 Mighty Mouse was supposed to join me as Q this morning, but forgot about a sleepover and had to bail.  Even without MM present, we were doing them anyways.  You all can also blame her for the V-snaps, as she threatened me with those as well.  Anyways, we did 30 each shoulder, switching out partners each 10.  MM claims the correct way is in an unsupported hand stand, but I doubt the outcome of that would most likely not be covered by major insurance plans.  The pax crushed them!  Herbie filmed it for a “promotional F3 video”…which I interpreted as her taking it back to the gym to make fun of how old men cant do hand stands.

Next stop was the rusty cage for 50 partner pullups.  Nothing to report here, just 25 guys bending steel.

Afterwards, we converged upon the carillon for a PROPER Dora (insert 24 groans here).  1 merkin, 2 V snaps, 3 squats.  No other way.  Do a hundred between partners, one does Doras, the other runs around the amphitheater.  When complete, pick up the six or plank.  There was a lot of standing around towards the end, so it was time for something sadistic…

Mosey to field and make 3 teams of 7 for a beast race.  This is where things got a little squirrly.  A couple modifications were necessary to wrap things up by 0700, but we all got done and back to the flag by 0700.  Awesome work done by Lorax, whose team bagged him with the anchor position (burpees).  He banged them up with style….well done.

There were a few announcements this morning, but none were more important than two:

  1.  TYA, Circle K and daughters Ally, Karly and Karoline are on their way to Guatamala for some mission work.  Keep their safe travels in your thoughts and prayers.
  2.   Hitch HIker and M. have their baby coming hopefully this week!  I made him promise to keep us in the loop on progress, so hopefully we will have good news to report later in the week!

Also, Puppy Pile in a couple weeks, and Brew Day it my house next Saturday.

Apology of the week goes out to TYA, since I didn’t get this backblast up in time for his layover reading pleasure.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Great Q Lab Rat! That was a non stop beatdown. Enjoyed Partnering with Hardywood and Garage Plate today. Have a great weekend fellas!

  2. “Shakedown, your job when you are not the Qbis to follow the Q” – copy

    Good brutal fun this morning. Great to see Lorax back out. Great to meet Doublemint.

    Love to the Hitchhiker and Hardywood families who will be welcoming 2.0s any day now ❤️

    Great 2nd F around the flag and at ETs. It’s good to be back.