Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de James River Road


6 non-SOJ PAX posted to SOJ Twin Team in the gloom this morning to better themselves physically and mentally.  Yes, YHC knows that one of the PAX is from Powhatan, but YHC means Richmond/Chesterfield SOJ!  5:30am, let mosey!


Cotton Pickers x 15

Arm Circles Forward and Backward x 10 small x 5 big

Imperial Walkers x 15

Russian Soldiers x 15

LBC’s x 20

mosey over to James River Road for:


Lindsey’s (40’s)

30 Reverse Crunches/10 Carolina Dry Docks on the open grassy areas beside road

mosey down the road a ways


mosey down the road a ways


mosey down the road a ways


mosey down the road a ways




Now the PAX is in front of James River H.S.

PAX does different traveling exercises toward Robious Landing:

Butt Kickers, High Knees, Carioke to the right, Carioke to the left, Run Backwards, Lunge, Bear Crawl, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers.

5 Burpees OYO

Now PAX is near wooden guard rails beside road.  Grab some wood for:


Dips on the rails and Incline Merkins on the rails

Mosey a little ways to the river bank and grab a bench or picnic table.

20 Box Jumps OYO

Trot over to the kayak/canoe landing and run down and up the steps for four rounds.  Dip hand in the water just so you can say you were in the river this morning.

Mosey back up to the boat landing parking lot for 3 Minutes of Mary including: Rosalitas, Box Cutters and V-Ups.

Mosey a little to the wooden posts and grab a post and hold 6 inches, then 10 Pole Smokers, then 6 inches, then 10 Pole Smokers.

Mosey back toward schools and circle up near the front of JRHS for a Merkin Ring of Fire.  3, 4, or 5 merkins of PAX choice.  No repeats.  Included were Diamond, Scorpion Dry Docks, Regular, Shoulder Tap, Spider and some kind of partner merkin that Lockjaw had us do.

Mosey back to Bettie Weaver and to the VSF.

COT, Numberama, Namearama and King George took us out (well said!)


This was YHC’s first post to Twin Team and also, first Q, as well.  YHC was not familiar with the AO until he left work early yesterday and rode around a little.  We all know that Twin Team hill is there, but YHC needed to check the rest out.  This is a great AO!  T-Claps to the PAX members that started a boot camp here.  Lots of options!  A tour this morning was needed so YHC could familiarize himself a little better.  The PAX did not realize the decline in the road heading down to the river, but definitely noticed the incline on the way back.  Mr. Holland noticed that we took a left turn out of the BWES parking lot at the beginning of the work out.  I think he wanted to go right and over to TT hill.  YHC was not up for that this morning.  Maybe next time.

Welcome back to King George who officially took on his new F3 name.  Way to come back out and kill it!  Also, glad to see Water Wings back out for the third day in a row before he heads back to Cary today.  We are glad to have had you!  T-Claps and Respect to Flipper who was looking as slim as ever on his weight loss journey and Lockjaw was steady as ever.  Thanks for making my Twin Team VQ a success, gents!

Have a great weekend all!


keep posting



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  1. Great morning for a takeover in deep SOJ territory. Good Q and tour.

    The merkin styled exercise I called was the “Swirly” after it’s namesake. I think Hardywood has another name for it. Something like “Southside Shake” or something.

    After you left, we came of up for names to bestow upon our King George royalty in recognition of his swimming prowess.

    Great to see Water Wings. Safe travel home.

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