Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

APDs?…Someone call an Amber Alert


4 Gents and 1 Lady shook off the post-holiday reverie and posted to what appeared to be the lowest attended 45MOM in recent history.  That said, it’s not the quantity but the quality so here’s what transpired – more or less….

COT:  Helicopters, DQ’s, Merkins, Flutter Kicks

Run from tree to tree performing 5 Merkins at each

Doras:  100 J-Squats, 200 Mountain Climbers, 300 Flutter Kicks.   Partner runs to bars and performs 10 dips

Triple Check (sort of):  10 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl, 10 WWII’s, run to end of court, 5 Burpees.  Return running backwards.  Repeato (double each number)

Crawl the Courts:  Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Crawl Bear, Polar Bear.  Perform designated exercises between each court.

21’s (short lived):  Dry Docs and APD’s…more about that later

Catch me if you can:  Bear Crawl while partner traverses field and back.  Switch until both reach end of field.

Few Minutes of Mary, COT


Small but solid group today.  Amber Alert (Saab’s 2.0) showed for her second official workout and performed as though it was her 30th.  When YHC got to the 21’s he asked Honey Do for two exercises.  HD responded with APD’s…which left YHC having to (uncomfortably) explain and demonstrate and APD to Amber Alert.  While all the PAX acknowledged her good humor about it, lack of time and the slight embarrassment of performing APD’s with his daughter left Saab ditching the 21’s and moving on to another exercise he wanted to squeeze in.

Saab Abides



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  1. Loved that I was able to make Saab blush. Even better his APD demo was all wrong. Glad I fought off the Fartsack for this one.

  2. I would argue Saab’s demo version was more inappropriate than regular APDs. Just be glad Offshore wasn’t there to suggest Upright APDs.

  3. Never ask Honeydo for an exercise. He invariably always goes immediately to the Honeymoon Suite sanctioned activities.

    Great to be back and cobains for my kotter status AND LIFO status. The antibiotics for my strep throat have laid waste to my innards!!