Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Take that King George III!


47 Colonials attacked the Independence Day F3RVA Convergence this morning on the 242nd anniversary of our ancestors telling King George III to “Shove It!”  Conditions were 70 and Sunny after the sun appeared from behind the great RVA skyscrapers.  7:00am and BOOM! time to roll!

Mosey from Tredegar parking lot to Brown’s Island for:


Helicopters x 15

Don Quixote x 10

SSH x 20

Merkins x 10

Crab Cakes x 10

Recover and half the PAX go with Assistant Q Lockjaw and other half go with YHC.  Hot Potato Q is in effect for both groups.


Kubota PAX:

Mosey across the footbridge to the WestRock Building.  Stare down the mighty steps on the side of the building and commence a Triple Check.  Partner 1 runs up and own all steps, Partner 2 performs merkins, Partner 3 performs LBC’s.  Three times through.  Al Gore to wait for the six.

Kubota passes Q to Hardywood

Mosey back to Brown’s Island and pick a nice spot on the concrete like “grass.”  21 rounds of escalating merkins and WWII sit-ups in cadence!  One of each, then two of each, then three of each, etc., etc., etc.  AUDIBLE!  11 rounds(that was plenty!!)

Hardywood passes Q to EF Hutton

Mosey back to the hill under the Virginia War Memorial.  Four Corners on the Hill(WOW!)  Corner One 10 x Burpees, Corner Two 20 x Box Cutters(time to catch your breath a little), Corner Three 30 x Carolina Dry Docks, Corner Four 40x Jump Squats.  EF Hutton wanted more!  REVERSO!!

EF Hutton passes Q to Flange

Partner Up!  Partner One does 15 merkins while Partner Two Lunges toward tree line on hill.  Partner One runs and catches Partner Two and switch up.  Continue and end at Gravel Path on hill.  Same thing on the way back except each partner does 15 Partner Leg Tosses upon switching.  Back at starting line, round three is Partner One does Mt. Climbers while Partner Two runs to grave path and back.  Three rounds each partner.

Flange passes Q to Honeydo

Mosey around parking lot and down Canal St and back up path to the North Bank Trailhead.  Partner up.  Partner One performs reverse crunches while Partner Two runs up trail, crosses first footbridge, avoids someone’s underwear on the bridge, and comes back.  Two Rounds each partner.  Al Gore for one minute and TIME UP!  Back to Flags!


Lockjaw PAX:

Lockjaw Q

After COP, mosey back to Shovel Flags and up the hill to the canal.  Using the large wall, the PAX did a Triple Check.  Partner One does Balls to the Wall, Partner Two elbow planks and Partner Three Crawl Bears down the hill to the path and Bear Crawls back up the hill.  Three Rounds.  Next the PAX went higher up the hill across the canal for Touch a Tree.  One Partner touches the appropriate number of trees while the other Partner performs the following exercises:  Trees 1 and 2 – Mountain Climbers.  Trees 3 and 4 – Monkey Humpers.

Lockjaw passes Q to Flipper

Mosey back down the hill to the Shovel Flags.  Five Shovel Flags, so five Burpees at each of the seven light posts on Tredegar St. to the turn-off to Brown’s Island for 35 total Burpees!  Performed some Mary while waiting for the Six (6 inches, Flutter Kicks, Rosalitas.)  On the return trip down Tredegar St., Bear Crawl to the next light post and run backwards to the next two light posts.  Repeat until the PAX is back to the Shovel Flag intersection.

Flipper passes Q to Spit

Mosey down the ramp leading up to the bridge to Belle Isle.  Merkins and LBC’s while PAX waits for foot and bike traffic to depart the bridge.  Run backwards up the bridge, 5 merkins, bear crawl, 10 merkins, run backwards, 15 merkins, bear crawl, 20 merkins, run backwards, 25 merkins.  Reverso down to the bridge with 20, 15, 10, and 5 merkins to the bottom of the bridge.  Mosey back to the Shovel Flags for some Mary including: Bird Dogs, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, and others.  TIME UP!


COT, Numberama, Namearama, and Fudd, Honeydo and YHC took us out!



PuppyPile is July 21 at 7:05am

Breaking Bread needs a Q for July and August

I missed a couple others, so put in comments please.



Wow!  What a morning!  Nice to see this turnout.  YHC did not expect so many, so YHC needs to stop underestimating this PAX.  Everyone worked hard and got it all out.  As for YHC’s group of PAX, mumble chatter ceased after the first round of the Triple Check stairs on the WestRock building.  Then Hardywood just made sure there was no more mumble chatter with his 21 audibled to 11 rounds of merkins and WWII’s.  Audible definitely had to be called on that one!  Four corners was definitely tough and the partner work at the end finished us off.  Lockjaw’s group had light mumble chatter but ceased because of the heat.  A consistent theme from Fudd was his possibility of splashing merlot since he drank a bit of wine last night (what happened to the Scotch?)  There was plenty of coffee, water, fruit, sausage and fellowship afterward!  There was also sausage from the grill to eat. (see what I did there?)  Welcome to Water Wing visiting from Cary, NC.  Welcome to FNG – King George from Powhatan.  YHC changed his name after a suggestion from Lab Rat that any FNG that posts on the July 4 Convergence should be named King George.  Next year, any FNG’s will be named Cornwallis or Benedict Arnold.

YHC would like to especially thank Lockjaw for leading the second group of PAX and all the Q’s that had the Hot Potato tossed to them.  Thanks for the coffee, Hardywood!

I know I missed a lot of mumble chatter before, during and after the workout, so please add in the comment section.  Several PAX jumped in the River during the coffeteria.

TO all PAX that came this morning and to the PAX who are out of town on vacation, have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!  Thank God for our Freedom!


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  1. Awesome day Kubota. Thanks for taking lead and playing the role of grill master. Grill snacks make the day! Hardywood, the coffee was excellent per usual.

    For those interested in spending some time on the river, we are meeting tomorrow evening at 6pm at the Huguenot Flatwater put in for some paddling.

    Happy 4th!

  2. Loved seeing the huge pax there this morning. Kubota – way to take us straight to those stairs.

  3. Many thanks to Kubota for his hosting the post workout grill-fest, and to Hardywood for the coffeteria. Extremely thoughtful guys.

    LOST AND FOUND: Someone left a pair of gloves on the hood of my car. I did not notice them until I was long gone.

  4. I leant a pair to King George. Maybe those ended up on Saab’s car?

    Good fun this morning. I especially liked the dip in the river after the workout. Thanks Lab Rat, Hardywood, and Fudd for joining me.

    I was dragging ass this morning. Still not fully recovered from last weekend. Soon enough.

    See y’all soon

  5. Fixed! Sorry about that. And you were one of my partners, how could I forget!

  6. Giving a what what! from the MTB’ers….we had fun too! Well done to No Tools for coordinating.

    Also, thanks to Kubota for the sausage after and Hardywood for the coffee. Outstanding on both sides.

    Welcome, King George!