Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bus Loop Beat Down


8 Davillians and a visitor for the summer challenge rolled into the Atlee high school parking lot for a humid party that went something like this…

Mosey to the basketball court on the other side of the school

COP All IC – 25 SSHs, 10 merkins, 25 freddy mercuries, 10 merkins, 25 LBCs, 10 merkins, 10 don quixotes, 10 helicopters, 5 merkins, arm circles, 5 merkins

Mosey to the bus loop


1 merkin, run halfway around the bus loop, 10 two count mountain climbers, continue until finished.

Mosey to the side of the bus loop

Bear-ly Make It

Partner up. One partner bear crawls up and around the bushes while the other partner does flutter kicks. Switch. Continue for three rounds.

Native American run back to the start.

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


  • Convergence tomorrow morning at Tredegar Iron Works at 7 am
  • Summer challenge continues
  • Pick 2 is getting married on Saturday! Special “family” workout at The Creek on Friday where he will have some groomsmen and bridesmaids in attendance. Bring all ages to the party!


Some workouts are better than others. YHC knew that he would struggle this morning after helping at a swim meet last night and feeling already dehydrated. The PAX provided the fuel for the fire and we had a solid morning at DaVille.

The COP merkin party always brings groans and this morning did not disappoint. There is something great about working in a ton of merkins right out of the gate that kicks things off well. The mumble chatter was prevalent until we fired up the 11s. Spit and Spike took off and crushed it. They enjoyed some mumble chatter along the way. Most of the rest of the PAX pushed through with limited chatter. Emoji was once again full of energy and he seemed to enjoy showing off his yellow gloves and matching shoes. Pick 2 showed a burst of energy midway through the workout. Perhaps some pre-wedding enthusiasm lit him up for that moment. Helix, the silent assassin, plowed through the workout with ruthless consistency. He is a beast.

The PAX enjoyed having Lockjaw join us as part of the summer challenge. He was a strong addition to the team and helped keep us moving along. All in all, the humid morning was well spent and no man failed to benefit from the right decision of leaving the fart sack behind for the fight.

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  1. Great Q Carpenter! Glad to have you back after your trip to TX. Good to have Lockjaw joins this morning. Thanks Spike for pushing the pace!

  2. You rocked everyone! even though you were short on fluid. and stayed true to the Q creed. I am still sore. thanks for a great workout!

  3. Carpenter, great Q. COP was a good primer for November’s merkin challenge for sure.

    Great to see the DaVille Pax. Initial counting threw me off when you reset to 1 instead of 11, but that’s what makes nano-regions and the summer tour that much more interesting.

    I am looking forward to seeing this crew come pay us a visit to the south.

    Pick 2 – congrats and best wishes for your weekend nuptials.